Sunday, March 30, 2008

HTC Touch

Out of the blues yesterday, I went and brough myself a PDA phone. It was by far the most expensive phone I've ever gotten for myself, costing S$675. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you my latest gadget, the HTC Touch (2nd Generation)! For an intro of the HTC Touch, refer to their official website here.

Here are the pros and cons of it after using it for one day:
1. Wonderful UI, using Window Mobile 6.0
2. Love the functionality, from Mobile Office, to RSS Feed, to Organizer, PDF reader, Google Map and CE Star installed enables me to keep up with news, my own schedule and planning, as well as learn Japanese or Chinese on the move. I now also download all mail attachment I get from my gmail to my HTC to view on the go!
3. I especially love the connectivity to the internet via WiFi as my home is wireless, and so is my office. And thanks to Wireless@SG, and WiFi buses, I can be connected even when I am out shopping or taking a long bus ride!
4. The size is compact, not too big, and not long. (My hubby got a Samsung i550 on the same day, but the phone look so bulky and big!)

1. Outlook is required if you want to synch your contact and organizer to your PC. I don't have Outlook installed, and the synch software does not recognize Outlook Express which I have. My startup kit only came with a Trial Version of Outlook. This is a major blow to the otherwise wonderful phone.
2. The response time of the phone is a bit slow for me. But then again, my previous Panasonic phone always reboot on me whenever I sms anyone due to my input speed, so this is just a minor issue. On the whole, it hasn't rebooted on me yet, which is more then I was expecting as I was heavily using it the whole of yesterday.

In the area of phone technology, I've just quantum leap myself from the ice age into the present! This is the first time I am using a pda phone, first time surfing using wifi, and first time playing with RSS Feed! I love them all! In short, it was a good buy for me!

1. If you have any interesting RSS Feed site, please share some with me
2. If you have a blog which I read regularly, can you please enable RSS Feed?

That's all for now!
A new day, a new discovery, a new blog entry :)

Ref Site:
Freeware for Pocket PC

Friday, March 28, 2008

ようこそ - Welcome!

Welcome to Cordy's brand new blog! The long awaited continuation of Cordy's depressing but hilarious life online!

As you can see on the panel on the right, this blog is all about sharing! Sharing of book info, music, movies, gadget, travel, news, makan places etc. And currently I am in American Idol sharing mode. So check out the Recomended Song (Idol Fever) Edition! This section will be updated weekly (if there are worth while songs to update). However, probably due to copyright issues, the links at youtube tends to disappear pretty fast! So make sure you watch them before the links get broken!

And since nothing really last forever, this will be a dynamic blog, where only the posting are archieve, but the right panel changes dynamically to keep you entertained :P And for the very first time, comments are enabled in this blog (unlike previous blog which is all about self indulgence complaining session). So join in the fun and post some comments! If you want to spam me, go ahead! I don't care!!