Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its Officially Christmas!

Yes! It's officially Christmas at Cordy's house! The Christmas trees are up, presents are starting to stack up! The deco's are out! What more fun can you have then decorating your house for Christmas? Ho ho ho! Even my patheric cactus garden is looking jolly this time of the year!

To all my dear friends out there, do feel free to drop by and bring presents to fill up the trees!

The next best thing to look forward to now is Christmas Dinner of Roast Chicken and Caramel for desert! Might post the recipe up if I am too free during Christmas. Now all I need is a dining table to have dinner on! Hubby are you reading this?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Upcoming Events in December

Before I start, would just like to share with you all that I finally got myself two wonderful bottle for my cooking oil! Check out the photos! Nice eh? If I told you how much they cost, you might flip out! But since I got them with my 'free' money from Maybank credit card, I'm not too worried about it! It kinda posh up my kitchen! The one with the green leaves consist of healthy Olive Oil, and the one with the cafe scene consist of Knife cooking oil. They both look so lovely in the basket!

OK, now for the upcoming events in December listing:
1. The best event in December has got to be the Ben n Jerry ice cream festival! Yes! You heard right! An ICE CREAM FESTIVAL! Is that cool or what??? Its the first ice cream festival ever in Singapore! Happening at Fort Canning on 6th December (one day only!), 2pm to 11pm. Unfornatuly I might not be able to go as I have to attend a wedding in Sentosa on that day :(

2. The Orchard Road Christmas lights are up! Do go down for a look-see. I'm gonna start decorating my house this weekend! My parents are coming down to celebrate Christmas with me!

3. Expo Sales!
This weekend is Sitex and John Little Sale. Next Weekend is Border's Holiday Fare. And my fave is during Christmas weekend is another Asia Food & Consumer Fair 2008!

Ho ho ho!

Ben & Jerry's Chunk Fest!
Orchard Christmas Light Up 2008
Expo Calendar for December

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Love My Cable TV!

You know I am having a good time with my life if I am not updating my blog fast enough! And you should be happy for me! But truth is, my husband upgraded our SVC cable plan, and I've been sucked into the void of TV-mania every weekday at least! Vegetating in front of the TV from the moment I got back from work, till my sleep time!

What have I been watching? Documentaries! I am addicted to documentaries!
My favourite channels and programs are :
11 NatGeo Channel, especially the Taboo series
12 Discovery Channel, especially The Haunting series
16 Discovery Travel and Living, especially Anthony Bourdain's Travelog
71 Discovery Science, especially the 10 Ways To ...., and What's That About series
95 Biography Channel on anyone famous!

Yes, I am addicted to my TV :)
I have some new photos to upload, but at the moment, I need to compile the TV schedule for the coming week first, so stay tune!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happening at Expo this Weekend

I love staying in the east! Here's what's happening in expo this weekend! The book sale start at 9am! Why am I still here? Bye! See you there!

1. Harvey Norman Home Appliances Sales
2. MPH Warehouse Sale
3. Crocs Expo Sale
4. Asia Pacific Food Expo 2008
5. Annual Clearance Extravaganza Sale

Expo Calendar