Wednesday, December 7, 2016

NLB Mobile Application

Recently I downloaded the NLB Appl to my mobile phone. NLB stands for National Library Board in Singapore. I stopped buying books long time ago, even though from time to time, books still creeps into my domain ( I swear I dunno how they got there!). So instead of buying books, I usually borrow them from the library. Singapore has an awesome library system. And when I download the app, although I don't want to admit it, it was to reserve books to read.

NLB offers a service where you can reserve books for a price of SGD1.55 and have it delivered to your nearest or most convenient library near you. For popular books, it may take weeks before it;s your turn. I know, cause that's what happened when I tried to read Twilight and compete with all the crazy teenagers during that time to read the full set.

At the back of my mind, I do have a few book on my to-read list. Due to work and classes, I haven't had much time to read recently. But after I gracefully flunk my 3rd year Japanese (I still haven't gotten my official results, but I'm pretty sure I flunk), I decided to start reading again. On average, I can read 2 to 3 books a week. And when I downloaded the app, I merely wanted to see if the books I wanted to read was available in the library. Low and behold! Three books found! I booked all three books on a Thursday night. There goes SGD 4.65. I think it's like the first time I spend money on a mobile app!

I got an sms on Saturday morning notifying me that one of the book was ready. I decided to pick up the book on Saturday evening. To my amazement, all 3 books were available! I was so happy! I finished one book on that day itself! Lol. As my husband wanted to read one of the book, and he is a slow reader, I also renewed all three books! So now I get to keep them for 6 weeks! Isn't that awesome? Actually I've already finished 2 and half way into the 3rd one....

I truly love NLB. It is one thing that the Singapore Government got right!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Biz Trip - Jakarta

20-Nov - 23 Nov Business Trip to Jakarta

A last minutes trip which I had like one week to prepare for. It was also the first time I was travelling alone to a city I've never been to, and to a branch which I don't know anyone there. The fact that there was a riot/protest there a few weeks before that didn't help my jitters. But I was a Malaysian, and Indonesia was practically considered my neighbour. Plus, I spoke fluent Malay (sadly better than I speak Mandarin....)

I stayed at Grand Sahid in Central Jakarta. I was supposed to stay in InterContinental, but it was fully booked and I couldn't afford the more pricier rooms. So for some reason, I got booked into a junior suite in Grand Sahid instead. It was ridiculously big for me. I had a whole living room to myself. It was so darn cosy that I spend most of my time there. Wifi was free, plus fruits daily. But I never did finish the fruits they gave me, so I only got one plate through out my 3 night stay. The banana was my own, in case I got hungry or something....
Jakarta wasn't rough, but still I was travelling alone, so I didn't want to take any chances. I highly recommend getting around by taxi. Download "My Blue Bird" apps for taxi booking. It was my first time booking a taxi via apps, and it was a breeze! No booking charges. Just state from where to where, and when, plus paid by method. I could even book in advance (which I did but later cancelled as I couldn't find a wifi spot). 

Anyway, I made my way to Grand Indonesia on my first day there, and spend from 11am to 4pm wondering around there. I had Bakme for lunch there, something I've always wanted to try, and it was delicious. Grand Indonesia was huge! About 2 buildings of 8 storey each. There was a Indonesia Menari 2016 event there, and I spend almost an hour watching it. It was super awesome. I uploaded some youtube videos of it, so I'll also share them here at the end of this post. 

As I didn't want to spend money on room service, I decided to buy back some food. I wanted to try their KFC, but I found this Korean Fried Chicken Shop that was newly open and was offering one-for-one. I wanted to just get 2 packs, but due to language problem, I ended up with 3 packs of chicken. But OMG, it was freaking good!

I also spend sometime at their supermarket and got myself some kid staff. They have so many Hello Kitty tissue papers that I can't help getting a few for myself. And as I have a huge TV in my room (2 TVs actually), I decided to get some snacks to entertain myself. I truly love being on my own, and travelling alone makes me realise how much I love it. It was just so peaceful.

But anyway, all good things must come to an end. I had to work the next two days. It was rather stressful and I went back each night exhausted and fell asleep instantly, sometimes in the middle of chatting with my colleagues in Singapore whom I was trying to support as much as I could. 

Interesting thing about the place I work, it was almost like a small Japan. The building I was working at was occupied by mainly Japanese company. The basement was full of Japanese restaurant. But I refused to eat anything but Indonesian food! And OMG, Indonesian sambal is creamier and nicer than Penang Sambal! I am so in love with the food there! It felt so much like home. Anyway, above it a Nissin company at the basement of InterContinental. That's me standing next to a giant cup of Nissan. I'm not really a fan of this brand, although I do love their Singapore Laksa flavoured cup noodles which my roomie Bella introduced me to.

The long and the short of it, it was an enjoyable trip. I left on Wednesday morning (more than 1 hour to get to the airport). With not much time to shop at the airport, and right back to work upon landing. My job is hectic. I love travelling. But I also love my life! Not sure how long I'll work here, but it had been an awesome year where I get to travel to many places for free. Because of that, I don't feel so desperate to take my own leave to travel. Even so, I've been back to Penang 3 times, Japan 2 times, India 3 times......

Anyway, enjoy some of the awesome dance of Indonesia Menari 2016!
It's kinda like zumba. And it's so sensual! I wanna learn to dance like that. It looks fun, cute, and sexy!