Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Card Holder Cover (Blue)

Also managed to did this beautiful card holder cover in blue. It was meant as a gift for a guy, hence the blue colour and the robot in front. I'm making this one for my brother and it took me about 2 hours to make. Most of the time was spend designing more than sewing. The sewing part is really quite straight forward.

This is the youtube clip I used as reference as the original one I use for the red card holder cover was no longer available.

The above is the in progress picture. As you can see, lots of patterned cloth are used to make the design, and each square is sewed individually in. The light blue square cloth are actually given to me by my mother-in-law. She got it from someone via a fabric sample collection. I have them in dark blue, light blue and pink. The above material is of the dark blue series, and they are shiny, which gives it an expensive look to it which is kinda cool. The label I pick was also male oriented. I guess this is the first male oriented sewing piece I've ever done. 
The end result is as per above. I personally think it looks kinda stylist. Like a cool fashionable guy might carry around. I like the end result, but I'm not sure if my brother would like it or not. Still, a gift is a gift, you gotta give it away  no matter. But it's nice that I have a picture of it to keep as a memento. Might even make a few for sale one of these days :)

Monday, December 29, 2014

My First Proper Zip Bag

By following the above youtube clip, I managed to complete my first proper zip bag today, starting from 11:10pm, and completing it the next day at 12:20am or so. It was kinda late to be sewing, but I just couldn't go to sleep without making it as it was kinda on my to-do list. But I'm really glad I did, cause I really love the result!
Here's a work in progress photo. Interestingly, the sewing project for the past few days have not been using any of the cloth I got from Japan recently. Instead, I'm using all existing materials that have been sitting around in my home. The cloth from Japan just provides the necessary inspiration to get me going.

And above is the end result. Love the green color and the rich green interior with floral design. Planning to make more of these things in future as I find them extremely useful as a bag organizer. And they look so cheerful too!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day Coaster

Just came back from Japan and bought like SGD50+ worth of cloth. I wanted to make coaster for my new kitchen, not to mention that the cat coasters that I made last time seems to be missing here and there and I was running out of coasters to use. So Christmas Day was a good break for me to catch up on my sewing.

From around 11am till 2pm, I made 4 coasters.

Two was middle size, big enough to hold larger plates or so. The above is a picture of the coaster-making in progress. The cloth was actually bought in Singapore, but it's made in Japan. I love the colour and the pictures in it as it was very homely. The colour also suits my kitchen table theme which is minty green and white. I love adding those "homemade" label in everything I do lately, and adding those cheap fork and spoon to indicate the usage of the coaster always cheers me up as I have lots and lots of those cute things that I keep buying but seems to have lack of time to create craft with.

Anyway, the above is the end product. The wonderful thing about homemade thing is, they are always unique. And although not perfect (I used the wrong stitch to close up the coaster which kinda show when you zoom in on the photos), it is the acceptance of imperfection that makes one at peace with one self.

I also made these two adorable yet simple owl coasters to place mugs and cups with. These cloth are bought in Japan recently at Nippori Fabric Town. Using the correct stitch to close it up, they look much more elegant than the previous two coaster. And the best things about these coasters are, they are 100% cotton, so they feel wonderful to the touch. And whenever they get dirty, you just throw them in the washing machine and give them a wash and they come out brand new. And when you make your own things, you tend to treasure them more and they stay with you almost forever.

I realise that buying things and consuming things don't really make me happy. Maybe that's why I don't really like shopping. However, I love craft material shopping, and making things recharges my life. I think being about to create thing is a very important for one's well being. We shouldn't just be consuming things. We should also create and give back to the world.

Here's to more craft making for the year 2015! Merry Christmas!