Wednesday, July 3, 2013

平井堅 Ken Hirai

Was looking thru my old blog last night, and found that my fave song 白い恋人達 by 桑田佳祐''s link was missing, so I search youtube and came across this clip again by 平井堅 Ken Hirai. And somehow for the rest of the night, I was just listening to his song.

Thinking that he just sings cover, I did a search on one of the song I live from him, and discovered that the wonderful bleeding lyrics were also written by him. Here's one I like which reminds me of my favourite book from Murakami title South Of The Border, West of the Sun.

Sometimes you just have to let your heart bleed.
Also like this song 告白の写真, but can't find the embed code for it to share it on this blog :(

桑田佳祐Keisuke Kuwata
平井堅 Ken Hira
村上 春樹Haruki Murakami
South Of The Border, West of the Sun