Sunday, June 29, 2008

湖蝶带走我的梦 - Butterfly Origami

My latest collection of origami card, butterflies! I love butterflies. And it is believed that if you whisper your dreams and wishes to a butterfly, they will fly away into the heavens and convey your message to the big boss upstairs, and your dream might just come true.

It also represents miracles in life. And its one the title of one of my fave songs from David Tao :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mobile Street Map

While trying not to get lost going to a training centre yesterday, I downloaded the map of the location to my mobile phone. However, the map did not tell me how to get there, so I google up My hubby suggested instead. And when I went to the website, this logo that says "Streetmap in your pocket" just jumps out at me.

Voila! I now have MapKing 2007 installed on my HTC Touch. It isn't the most wonderful software in the world, and heck, I still don't find it very useful. But its cool to have a map of Singapore in your mobile just to show off :P

To download the software, please click here
If you do know of a better software, do let me know!

Friday, June 20, 2008

おサイフケータイWallet Mobile

Looks like my mobile wish lish is slowing coming true. Today's article on Channel News Asia highlighted that Singapore will be implementing the Wallet Mobile soon, where we can use our mobile to pay for purchases. And it seems that they have already conducted a trial on using mobile for EzLink card payment! I can't wait for all these services to come true! Its soooo cool!

The only downside is, the innitiator is Starhub, and I'm a Singtel subsciber :( The only thing I like about Starhub is cable tv, and the dog in it's advertisement :)

Channel News Asia: Pay with a flash of your phone
Osaifu-Keitai (おサイフケータイ, Osaifu-Kētai?)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brand New Nokia 6120Classic For Sale - SOLD

I am selling off this new phone. If you are interested, let me know! Selling at S$200, price neg! Market price is around S$288.

For phone review and specification, click here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Watching TV on my HTC Touch

As if one of my wish list for my HTC Touch application was answered, I clicked on a link last weekend that says "Watch TV on your pocket PC". And voila! Now I watch BBC news daily on my HTC Touch! And here's the photo to prove it too!

Not only do I get world news (BBC, CNBC, CCTV9 etc), I also get to watch other programs like Comedy TV etc. They even have dedicated channel for different sports! And when I am sick of watching TV, I can also tune into world music! And I do all this using the WiFi connection in my house! Not too bad! Haven't tried it in my office yet.

Ah..... never have I love a phone more then my HTC Touch!

PDA Portal at Mobiletopsoft

Sunday, June 15, 2008

For Mum

Here's another paper craft I made. While making one yesterday for my friend's wedding, my Mum ask for one as well. Since she is leaving Singapore today, I made this one for her. She actually has a few more at home of single kimono girls made into bookmarks. I'm planning to make more designs soon as part of my future retirement supplement income :)

Note: In case you're wondering, the chop at the bottom right corner is my name in Japanese :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Excuses For Not Blogging

Haven't been blogging for a while due to the following reason:

1. Prison Break Marathon from Season 1 Episode 13 to Season 2 Episide 18 during the past two weeks.
2. Parents are in town
3. Circus life in my work place
4. Lengzhai boss getting married this weekend (eating up my Saturday night)
5. Company's family day this Sunday @ Singapore Zoo (eat up my Sunday night)

However I do have a few things to share, but it will be uploaded in time.

For a start, its the Singapore Art Festival this month in Singapore. You can check out the events at the ref below. If you have time, its worth catching those free events at different location each weekend. I managed to catch La Guardia Flamenca last Sunday at Clark Quay. It was 'interesting'.

Also visited Mustaffa Shopping Centre at Little India last Thursday. Its great shopping there! Can buy lots of interesting food stuff from Pakistan, India, Iran etc. Not gonna give you a reference link for this cause they have a pretty lousy website.

Till then....

Singapore Arts on the Move Calendar