Sunday, January 31, 2010

Singapore International Kite Day

Attended the Singapore International Kite Day today at Punggol. As you can see from my photos here, there were lots and lots of kites! I'm just gonna upload some of the nicer ones here for your viewing pleasure. Held at the open field in Punggol, there were kites from all over the world on display! But unfortunately, they weren't really the traditional type of kites. For example I was expecting to see some Wau Bulan from Malaysia, but there were none on site. Frankly, it looked more like a balloon festival then a kite festival. But it was fun.

Lots and lots of kids where there, and they seems to be having the most fun. There was a session where parachute sweets were thrown from the sky and all the kids were running around catching them. That was really a nice sight to see. There were also Hip-Hop dancing, a dance competition, and even beatboxing. Didn't know Singapore youth were so talented before!

After spending 4 hours there, where 1 hour was in direct sunlight at 2:30pm without sun block, my face is now suffering from sunburn! And the only photo I really like from the whole afternoon there is this photo above. I think maybe my photography skill is going down the drain! But I like photos that speaks to me, and this one just do! It's shouting serenity and freedom! And all the colors of life dancing free and wild! Then again, I think I might have fried my brains dry today :)

Singapore Kite Association
Wau Bulan

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Obituary of CordPod (31-Aug-2007 to 22-Jan-2010)

CordPod (my 2GB ipod nano 2nd gen) pass away peacefully at the age of 2 years, 5 months in Singapore. CordPod was born 31-Aug-2007, a wedding anniversary gift from my hubby, and died 22-Jan-2010. Cause of death unknown.

CordPod was survived by GymStick, my first ipod shuffle born 25-Jun-2005, 512MB at the cost of S$129. GymStick, who accompany me on my regular exercise regime, although malnutrition-ally thin, was obviously in a better shape then CordPod due to the regular exercise. CordPod only followed me on holiday, and to work where it remains in a stagnant position for sometimes up to 12 hours.

CordPod left behind no known predeceased, but it's anticipated that a new ipod nano 5th gen 8GB would join the family of Cordy's ipod soon. 5th gen has not been named yet, and is expected to have radio capability.

A memorial fund has been established in memory of CordPod, and in aid of the new 5th gen. Please donate generously. Please leave a comment with your contact if you wish to donate and Cordy would get in touch with you shortly.

Lastly, CordPod would be greatly missed. May it rest in peace. I'd bury it in my garden of wild flowers, but I'm afraid the battery would leak and kill my plants! One tragedy this year is all my heart could take for now.

Thank you for reading.

Apple Online Store Singapore

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inspirational Songs

Could be that I'm up at 1am on a weekday, that I need some inspirational songs to cheer me up. Meaningful songs these days are sure hard to come by. So just to share, since I'm in a David Tao mood, here are some of my favorite inspiration songs from him.

A dedication to LiuXiang (刘翔), China's 110 meter hurdler Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion, who in the 2008 Olympics in China, had to withdraw from competition at the last moment after a false start due to injury. The lyrics and wordings before the official songs is awfully touching.

天很高 心砰砰地跳
所有声音褪去 听不到
抬起头 自尊不让我退缩胆怯站在这一秒
我为爱而生 我为爱而活
为一个梦 我压不扁也打不倒
我为爱狂傲 我为爱谦卑
把桂冠给你 把光荣给你
我知道你要 我知道我要
迎着风 旗烈烈地飘
一颗心 千万万颗心
熔化每个人的心 是感动和骄傲
我为爱而生 我为爱而活
为一个梦 我压不扁也打不倒
我为爱狂傲 我为爱谦卑
把桂冠给你 把光荣给你
我知道你要 我知道我要
我为爱而生 我为爱而活
为一个梦 我压不扁也打不倒
我为爱狂傲 我为爱谦卑
把桂冠给你 把光荣给你
我要把一切献给你 终于做到
我要你的笑 我要你拥抱

The next song is a dedication to God(or Jesus). Although I'm not a religious person, I do find strength in this song in my darkest hour.

每次一见到你 心理好平静
我又能活下去 我又找回勇气
我又能呼吸 我又能呼吸
oh no 一次又一次只会用借口逃避
每次一想到你 像雨过天晴
是那么的美丽 就像一个奇迹
你是唯一 陪我到天堂与地狱
像雨过天晴 看见一只蝴蝶飞过了废墟
我能撑得下去 我会忘了过去
yeah.. 每次一见到你 就心存感激
我会永远珍惜 我会永远爱你
yeah 你就是那唯一

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LiuXiang (刘翔)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Extended Happy Birthday Cordy!

This year my birthday lasted till 15-Jan-2010! I got this wonderful bouquet of pink roses in the office on the morning after my birthday delivered to me in my office! How gorgeous! And sweet! They are from my old roomie Bella all the way from Perth! Thanks a million Bell! Now my whole office knows about your existence!

Thanks also to my wonderful colleagues for treating me to lunch today!

The two picture on the bottom is my birthday cake from my hubby from one of my favorite Italian shop - Ricciotti. The last photo explains why it's my favorite, with it's bitter coffee chocolate surprise liquid fillings inside! Delicious! A great way to end the day!

And lastly, I managed to download all the clips of David Tao's concert using my Mozilla Download Helper plug in :) Life is good to a Cordy!

RazorTV Concert Clips

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birthday Treats in Singapore

Happy Birthday Cordy!
Cordy is 33 years old today!

And instead of getting presents, I thought I'll share some really worth while Birthday Treats available out there that you can treat yourself to! So hope these information helps when it's your turn to blow out those birthday candles!

Movie Treats
If you are a Golden Village Movie Club member, you get a 1-for-1 movie ticket on your birthday month! That's a savings of S$6.50 to S$10.50 (depending on which day you watch the movie. Membership is free! You can sign up at the reference link below.

Jurong Birdpark/Singapore Zoo/Night Safari
Hey hey, what a great day to visit the animals! Since October 2009, the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park will give you a free admission to the park if it's your birthday! That's S$18 to S$22 savings! (depending on which park you visit) Plus, you'll get a free ice cream, and 10% discount whenever you purchase anything there! And if you visit the zoo and the night safari on the same day(since they are just next to each other), that's a savings of S$42! How cool is that? Check out the reference links below!

Singtel Birthday Treats
If you're a Singtel customer, you can redeem birthday treats voucher from their Singtel Birthday Treats website! One of the more unique voucher is the S$3 off a 6in cake from AwfullyChocolate, a shop I've always wanted to try! There are also S$1 per J.Co Donut voucher available to really sweeten up your life :)

Golden Village Movie Club
Jurong Bird Park
Singapore Zoo Wild Birthday Surprises
Night Safari Wild Birthday Surprises
Singtel Birthday Treats

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

David Tao Concert Singapore 2010

Attended David's concert last Friday 8-Jan-2010. This is his 3rd concert I've ever attended, and possibly the last since he is retiring from music for now. There are lots of review out there already published, so I'm not gonna write a review of the concert here. You can just click the reference link below to read more (with clips included).

At the age of 40 now, his concert too is showing his age. From previous years, I remember dancing all the way from the 2nd half of the concert onwards. This time, it was just fast track alternate with slow track, so the momentum is kinda lost along the way. The vocal quality at this show was also pale as compared to previous pitch perfect concert. Sorry David!

But unlike majority of the people there who wants to listen to his Chinese hits, I was there more for the English songs and Rock songs and lots and lots of guitar!! I also believe an artist should help you to grow in terms of interest and perspective, and David Tao has always done so. For this concert, a few 'new' songs were added into my existence: Eric Clapton's Sunshine of Your Love, Jimi Hendrix's Foxy Lady, Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall (which I totally agree to the lyrics!), David Bowie’s Space Oddity(omg David Bowie is suddenly cool again!), Commodores’ Easy , and not forgetting some of my already favorites now done in a Tao twist: Eagles's Hotel California, Procol Harum’s A Whiter Shade Of Pale, Soft Cell’s Tainted Love (Awesome song!), and a song that appears in almost every concert of his is Stevie Wonder's Superstition (Great Song To Dance To!) All TOTALLY AWESOME! Plus, there was even a great south American dance session which I totally love! Why be boring and just stick to Chinese? Come on people! Live a little! The world is so wide!

Here to share with you some of the original songs. How could anyone sit thru a concert instead of dancing with all these songs playing live??? Enjoy!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Singapore Zoo

Visited the Singapore Zoo today with my new Nikon 55mm - 200mm lens :)
It made me experience a whole new level of clarity of what the Singapore Zoo has to offer! Definitely better than just the naked eye! Plus you get to keep all the great photos as a souvenirs! Attached are some of the better lots of my intake of the day. Enjoy! I'm headed for the Bird Park next week!

Singapore Zoo

Friday, January 1, 2010

Exercise Journal Part 2

New Year, new exercise plan :)
To get me started, here is a reflection chart of my exercise progress so far,(this time with weight included)! GAMBATTE Cordy! Need to make that AIBI machine worth it's value!

So far AIBI has helped me to maintain my weight, and complete a 10km marathon.
Current record is 10km in 49min :) Now, if only I can get it to help me lose like 3kg of weights!

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