Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dreams & Reality Exhibition @ National Museum of Singapore

I love decorating my blog with paintings! Every time I visit my blog, I feel like I'm visiting an Art Gallery! And since the past few blog entry has been on art, I though I'll continue on since I recently attended the National Museum of Singapore's Christmas Open House where the Dreams & Reality Exhibition was on from 26-Oct-2011 till 5-Feb-2012. If you missed it, I'm sure there will be more Open House coming up on New Year's Day and Chinese New Year!
Anyway, the only reason I went to this exhibition was because 1) its from Paris, and I never did get to visit this museum when I was there, and 2) Original piece of Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night was in it :)  Need I say more?
We arrive early, around 11am? Maybe 12? No queue, and not much people. I was expecting just a few paintings, but there were about 4 halls of paintings in total. Lots of famous paintings from the likes of Renoir,and Gauguin and lots of people I don't know but who drew really really well! Haha. Here are some sample. Luckily photography was allowed (but with no flash of course). Do excuse the quality of the picture. I only had my mobile phone with me.
Some wise sayings on the walls on stuff....
But actually, the only thing I really wanted to see was this painting, and I'm happy to say that it is one of the most beautiful paintings I've ever seen! And yes, it can move one to tears! And I'm amazed at how it still remain it's beauty after so many years! Do they do touch up or something? It was just gorgeous! 
At last, another item strike off my bucket list :)

Musée d'Orsay Paris
Van Gogh Museum

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dalí: Enter the Mind of a Genius @ ArtScience Museum Singapore 2011

I stumbled upon the Dali exhibition by accident as the Van Gogh Alive Exhibition was also being held at the same place. I have seen Dali's art before in Singapore once and I like it because of the elephant bronze sculpture that reminded me of the elephants in Discworld. And since his art is mostly fantasy like, he kinda grew on me. But after going to this exhibition, I begin to like his paintings as well!

To start with, some paintings/sketching which I was rather fond off from Dali to share.Do click the image to view in more detail. For this blog entry, I chose not to show any of Dali's famous sculpture as there are already plenty on the internet. I'm gonna share with you some sayings from Dali instead:

"The only difference between Surrealism and myself is that I am Surrealism."

"The surrealist object is impractical; it serves for nothing but to make men move, to exhaust them, to cretinize them. The surrealist object is made uniquely for the honour of the thought."

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."

"There is less madness to my method than there is method to my madness."

And just for interest to my humanist friends, here's Dali's religious orientation:

And before I leave, a last picture and saying for you....
Dali Art Gallery

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Van Gogh Alive Exhibition @ ArtScience Museum Singapore 2011

If you've recalled my previous post on the book call Lust For Life, you would know that I simply adore Van Gogh even though I think he's a bum. So it's no surprise that I was counting down the day to visit the Van Gogh Alive Exhibition @ ArtScience Museum Singapore. I even organised a meetup for the Singapore Humanism Meetup group. But I wanted it to be not just another meetup. I wanted to mark the day as a special day. So I picked 30-July, one day after the anniversary of Vincent's death. And I brought flowers to the museum too! For everyone that came, they got a germini from me, and all the guides for the exhibition got one too :) I love giving flowers to random people!

The exhibition was help in a empty hall in total darkness, with only Vincent's paintings projected in vivid color on all the walls! And to accompany it were classical music. They were some animation when the paintings transformed to another. It was a rather surreal feeling just being there. The darkness, the cool aircon environment, and the spaces inside made it just magical!
You could sit down there and have a picnic if you want too :) I just love the idea of that!
I leave you now with a wise saying from Vincent to ponder over....

Sunday, December 11, 2011




二度と帰らない誰かを待ってる, Woo

今宵 涙こらえて奏でる愛のSerenade
ひとり泣き濡れた夜にWhite Love


春が来る前に微笑をくれた, Woo

辛い毎日がやがてWhite Love

今宵 涙こらえて奏でる愛のSerenade
ひとり泣き濡れた冬にWhite Love
Ah, ah, 永遠のWhite Love
My Love

ただ逢いたくて もうせつなくて