Saturday, February 28, 2009

Woohoo! I Won!

About a month ago, I wrote a blog entry regarding Singapore's Public Library's Just Share Photo Competition, titled Just Share.Guess what! I won one of the fortnightly prize of a $15 Borders book voucher! Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so happy! I can start submitting my photos to NatGeo again!

Updated photo

This means I am now eligible for the Bi-monthly Prizes, which is one Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS worth $429(with 4GB SD card, case and mini tripod). I am actually not a Canon fan, but heck! If it's free, it might even win me over from my Nikon fetish! Good luck to Cordy!

To view the winning entries, click here, or here, or here.

Life is great to a Cordy :)

After note:
Great news, one of my friend also won! Here's Leow's winning entry to share, since the link didn't came out too good in the comments section :) Congratulation Leow!
To view Leow's photo, click here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun @ Peranakan Museum

Had lots of fun at the Peranakan Museum today running around and collecting paper press from different exhibit halls. Here are the results of it. A nice Buddha paper press I got free at the craft workshop that was on from 12pm - 5pm today, plus a calligraphy of my chinese name written at the main hall.

The rest of the picture shows paper press that me and my friend Dui ran around up and down the museum to collect. Cool right? You can still drop by the museum on Sunday 22-Feb for the last day of it's open house. Bring some nice card board paper in to make some really cool paper press! You can also bring in your name card to personalize it!

And I've said it once, and I'll say it again, ANY museum in Singapore is better then the National Museum of Singapore :P

Thursday, February 5, 2009

CATS The Musical Tickets for SALE! 50% Off! - SOLD

Sorry, ticket sold within 22minutes of blog entry being published! :)

In my excitement to go KL on Good Friday, I've totally forgotten that I've purchased a ticket to watch CATS The Musical on that very weekend! Ugh! So if you are interested to watch CATS and enjoy the experience of watching a broadway musical at low cost, I'm offering my tickets up for sale to you if you purchase via this site at 50% discount. Original price paid was S$43, I'm letting it go for S$20. So let me know if you are interested! First come first serve!

Date: 11th April 2009
Time: 2pm show
Seat: AA59 Restricted View (but trust me, you'll still get to enjoy the show!)

Get it now before the show's ticket are sold out! If that happen, I'm raising my price up high despite the restricted view!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Budget Trip to KL

Its the in-thing in Singapore these days to go for a budget holiday. Even in recession times, people are still going on holidays (especially budget holidays). I haven't been out travelling for almost a year now, and so my itchy travelbug backside is starting to twitch. Although I have a 10days Japan trip coming up in May, I decided to take a short trip to KL in April to visit my friends there.

Good Friday this year falls on 10 April 2009 (Friday, d-uh!). And the budget tickets from Singapore to KL is still a plenty! Here's the review on all three budget airline flying from SG->KL

AirAsia. Price S$268 for 2 person. Need to registered as a member before you can purchase a ticket. I abandon my trip as I can't remember my member login info, and it was too tedious to find out.

Jetstar. Price S$233 for 2 person. No insurance given. Super slow website. The speed of the website itself is enough to put you off. But if you have a Maybank Platinum card, you get 5% rebate!

TigerAirways. Price S$260 for 2 person. Insurance included, and seat number is assigned.

Conclusion? I got the TigerAirway tickets :)

Hostel booked via is S$112 for 2 nights 2 person, in a double bed room with it's own toilet. Price inclusive of breakfast, and it's located just opposite Berjaya Time Square! The hostel name is Classin Inn Budget Hotel. And best of all? Free WiFi!

Looking forward to my mini-trip!

JetStar Airways
Tiger Airways
Classic Inn Budget Hotel
Berjaya Time Square

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Siglap East RC

If you are bored in Singapore, one way to find cheap events to attend, is to find out more about your neightbourhood RC. RC stands for Residents' Committees, and it's a committees that is made up of your neighbourhood, who organize events for the neightbourhood people. (You can read more about it in the ref link below)

My RC is actually Bunga Merah RC, but I started joining the Siglap RC events after attending their CNY One Day Tour in January. I've added the Siglap East link on the right of my blog for easy future reference :)

The picture shown here is their latest event for the month of February, and me and my hubby are tempted to join in as well. For a trip with lunch and dinner provided, as well as transport and tour guide, it's really quite a bargain! And it's also a great way to get to know your neighbourhood's aunty and uncle!

Find out more about the RC near you now at this link.

Residents' Committees
Siglap East RC
MySiglap My Homeland

Monday, February 2, 2009

MyPyramid Tracker

If you are overweight, or would like to control your weight but have no idea how much you are putting in, and how much you are taking out, then this is a great website for you! MyPyramid Tracker is a wonderful tool by US Department of Agriculture, that helps you track your intake and output! It is one of the best application I came across so far that is user friendly, and provides me with what I need to know.

Usage of the application is web-based, and its free. You can track your intake and output daily. And it gives you really good vision on how you are doing. Click the picture here to see just some of the visual you get. A picture speaks a thousand words on how wonderful this tool is.

My wish list: Can Singapore Health Promotion Board come up with something similar? Especial to count the calories in Asian food dishes.

USDA - CNPP - MyPyramid Tracker
Singapore Health Promotion Board