Friday, August 11, 2017

Handmade Pencil Case

Making a pencil case has been on my list since I saw those foldable pencil cases that one of my colleagues carry around. But those were kinda hard to make, and expensive to purchase. I refused to buy anything I can make myself, so I never did came around to making a pencil case until 2016, when we got a new GM (general manager). During a meeting with him, I saw he carries a petite pencil case that holds no more than 2 pens inside. I was impressed. And added that into my list of things to make. So finally, it became a reality. But I didn't want something formal, and I didn't want something too loud either. And I wanted a personal touch to it. So there you have it, black and white outer cover that looks perfectly normal for office use, a small hello kitty at the side, and loud pink inside! The lime coloured zipper was those last minute idea that made everything turn out really well. No regrets. 

Making it was easy, just the dimension was different, but basically same as other bags that i've made before. As always, I added a homemade patch inside to make it look classy as per shown below.

Below is the end results. Isn't it pretty? The black and white fabric is really nice to the touch, and it kinda look like batik motif, so it is really personal to me. And I just love how the small Hello Kitty head just kinda try to camouflage into it all. It's so cute! The lime zipper don't look out of place either.

Once you open it, it is poker dot pink inside! Looks like candy inside. So imagine you feel shitty in office working your ass off, and when you open your pencil case.... VOILA! pink candy and happy thought!

Here's a perspective shot of how small the pencil case is, taken wth my awesome erasable pen. I tried to make it as small as possible, but at the same time I need to at least fill it with sufficient staff for me to get work done. The 3 coloured erasable pen is really awesome cause its like everything in one. I also now store my hello kitty fountain pen inside, and well, basically that is, plus maybe a ball pen for the boring signing of formal documents.....

This pencil case really fits into my minimalist, get rid of clutter kind of lifestyle cause it forces me to only carry the things that I love and need. I can bring it anywhere with me cause it's so small. I just throw it into my handbag, or carry it with me when I travel without a second thought of what I need to pack. Love it. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Oyster Omelette

You must think I'm funny, with a post titled Oyster Omelette, but showing a photo of clams instead. Well, let me explain. It was a cold windy Singapore National Day, and I have been having clam craving ever since I got back from Vietnam 2 months ago. Reason being we always wanted to order clams, but never did. And clams are actually quite cheap if you buy them in the wet market, so I decided to venture out around 8am to the market to hunt for some clams. I got 1kg for SGD3.50. But as I was paying, I saw packets of oyster on sale and casually ask how much. The aunty showed me 4 fingers. Not bad right? So I walk one round before deciding 4SGD was a small price to pay for experimenting with oysters! 

So I came home with a pack, and am actually blogging this after eating it. There is around 20 oysters inside the bag. And I would like to apologies to my Japanese friend for ever saying that Singapore wet market don't sell oysters. I am sorry. I was wrong. But they don't sell it everyday. We can try cooking  oyster omelette next time you drop by my house!

Anyway the reason I wanted to try cooking this is because I don't really like the asian oyster omelette with potato starch. I like mine without starch. And although I know an uncle that cooks it that way, he has been over cooking my eggs recently as I like my eggs creamy and raw. So I decided to cook it myself. Above are the ingredient I used after researching on youtube. Lucky me I have some vietnamese fish oil! Unlucky me, I didn't know how concentrated they were! The end product was rather salty, but still good. So: 3 eggs (i think 2 is enough), around 10 oysters (I think 5 is also enough), fish oil, and vegetable oil. You can add spring onions and other decorative if you like. Since this is kinda last minute, I have no such accessories available at home.

End product as shown. Eating it with some chilli helps clear the palate. To cook, beat the eggs with fish oil, heat pan, add the oil, and add in the beaten eggs and fold (like how you would cook scramble eggs). Let the egg cook till brown or to your own preference before adding the oysters. I cook my oysters almost well done cause, believe it or not, I am sometimes allergic to raw oysters and will break out in sweat with my face growing twice it's size.....

Anyway, oyster omelette checked! I still have half my oysters in the fridge left. The above was initially intended for breakfast for two person, but my husband is still asleep. So I've eaten 10 oysters and 3 eggs for breakfast, and it's not even 10am yet! Lol. Yeah, I'm a morning person! And a night person.... and well, basically I don't really sleep....

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Homemade Popcorn

Feeling bored on a Sunday afternoon and wanted something to snack on as I was going mad over thinking a current complicated situation. So I decided to make popcorns! This being my very first time making it, I made sure I look through some helpful youtube before starting.

Here are all the ingredient that I used: Vegetable oil, corn kennel half a cup, truffle salt and maple syrup for flavouring. Yeah, it was an expensive home made popcorn. But to be honest, I don't have any other flavouring at home....

Heat up a pan, add around 3-5 table spoon of oil, and add in corn kernel. Wait for around one minute, and they will start to pop. Wait till there is no more popping sound before turning off the heat. You can shake the pan around to make sure all the kernels are popped. 

And voila. Done! Just season with whatever. Maybe I'll consider getting some caramel syrup. They are a bit blend, even if you put lots of flavouring. They sure as hell are healthier than whatever you buy outside!