Sunday, July 27, 2008

Penang Char Koay Teow

Enjoying a slow weekend this week, I decided to attempt making Penang Char Koay Teow, one of my favourite dish from my hometown. So here in the photos are all the ingredients needed for the dish. Note its hard to find the right Koay Teow in Singapore like the ones found in Penang. Same goes for Penang Laksa, its hard to find the right laksa noodles here in Singapore. Anyway, you can also add cockles to the ingredients listed here.

To get the end product as show in the second photo, here is a simplified instruction to cook it all up.

1. Add oil to pan, cook the garlic until fragrant. Add chilli garlic (optional)
2. Add chinese sausages and prawns (might be best to marinate prawn with salt or sugar water before cooking).
3. Add Koay Teow and fry awhile to mop up all the juice from the sausages and prawns.
4. Add sauces. I add light soya sauce and salt water for taste, sweet sauce for colour (should be dark soya sauce, but I didn't have any at home), and fish sauce to make it slightly sweet.
5. Add spring onion and bean sprouts. Cook until fragrant.
6. Open up a small hole among the noodles, and crack in an egg and let it fry awhile.
7. Mix it around the pan until fragrant and you're done :)

Good luck! Don't be stingy on the sauce and salt or you'll end up with a tasteless end product Also, don't be afraid to let the mixture burn a bit in the pan as it adds flavour to the dish :P

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Origami - Ugly Betty Style

This is what happens when I watch too much TV! Ugly Betty was showing this evening, and I end up with origami like this! hahaha.

Ugly Betty

Sunday, July 20, 2008

HTC South Park Theme

On a brighter side of things, have I mention lately that I love my phone? Well I love it even more now that I finally realize how easily it is to add themes to my phone! Check out my cool phone UI! I so adore those little kids of South Park.

You can download free HTC Themes here
Freeware for Pocket PC

Nicer themes can be found here as well, but you need an account to access them

To change the theme:
1. Downloaded theme file *.tsk
2. Copy them to your My Documents folder on your HTC phone
3. Go to Start > Settings > Today
4. Select the theme you want, and click OK
*note: you may want to disable your HTC Home UI to really appreciate the theme you've selected. To do that, after step 3, select the Item tab, and deselect HTCHome from your Today screen.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Life - Dream = Job

I'm in a Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas craze this weekend, and this song reflects what I am going thru today. Enjoy the song, I think it's a beautiful song.

Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulder,
Don't you know, the hardest part is over, let it in,
Let your clarity define you in the end,
You will only just remember how it feels.

Our lives are made, in these small hours, these little wonders
These twisted turns of fate, time falls away,
But these small hours, these small hours, still remain.

Let it slide, let your troubles fall behind you, let it shine,
Till you feel it all around you,
And I don't mind, if it's me you need to turn to, we'll get by,
It's the heart that really matters in the end.

Our lives are made, in these small hours, these little wonders
These twisted turns of fate, time falls away,
But these small hours, these small hours, still remain.
All of my regret, will wash away somehow,
But I cannot forget the way I feel right now.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All I Need - Matchbox Twenty

Just to share one of my favourite songs by Matchbox Twenty.
Thru these past two weeks, these lines sure keep me hanging on in there :)

"Talking about the dream
Like the dream is over
Talk like that
Won't get you nowhere"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Origami - Girl's Day Out

Two hours in the papercraft R&D section produces a modern day origami of a dress and hat bookmark. I love the little dresses. But its harder to find the accessories to go with it to make it look nice.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Origami: 花 Collection

Cordy is in a paper doll making craze this weekend :) She can only make 4 dolls per hour, which means this collection takes her 2 hours! But heck, when you are doing something you like, time flies, and the result sure is satisfying!

Btw, what you see here are actually individual bookmarks as per the previous post. I just manipulate the photos taken to make this one photo :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Origami Flowers - Lilies

I love origami flowers! For one thing, they never die! (unless you sit on them that is). Here is a bouquet of lilies that me and my hubby made, complete with leaves too! They make great home decorations, and really brighten up a room!