Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sapporo Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人) Park - Part 8/8 (Christmas Lights)

Finally, we reached the end of this famous Chocolate Factory! When we got out of the gift shop, the sky was beginning to get dark, and voila! Christmas lights were suddenly illuminating the surroundings! The whole place has turned into a winter wonderland. 

I guess because it was a Chocolate Factory, the decoration was one of the nicest one I saw on our trip there. You should definitely come during Christmas cause the snow and the Christmas decorations really adds to the ambiance of the place!

The whole place was light up with every colour possible! With the back drop of the Tudor Housing, it was quite a sight!

Above was one of the funnest decoration. Well actually, I think it is a permanent feature. It just add so much magic and playfulness to the whole place!

Here's a fake snowman all light up. 

Even the streets outside was light up so beautifully. I love the photo above. It look so festive when actually, this is just a small town with nothing much in sight but this one Chocolate Factory. And because of it, the whole place is light up and because this magical town.

Lastly, here is me and my hubby underneath the Christmas tree. I still hate snow and the bitter cold. But this trip was just awesome! And it has just started! We have so much more on our itinerary to cover! It's always during vacation when I feel the most accomplished. Even if I was gone just one week, I have felt like I have lived so much more than if I was just in Singapore working mindlessly. I miss Japan.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sapporo Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人) Park - Part 7/8 (Shops)

Like any respectable theme park ride or museum, the last area to visit in the building is always the gift shop. Like any other respectable gift shop, this one was also filled with all their trademark products, so I will spare you by not showing you what you would already know to expect from a Shiroi Koibito shop. We didn't buy much since it was still the start of our vacation and we still have a few out of town trips to make. Besides, you can always get those trademark items from the airport. So let me know you some of the things that are more unusual that was found here.

For some reason, there is a big tank of sea monkeys on display at the shop, fully equipped with a super cute magnifying glass as show in the photo above! Sea monkeys alway remind me of comic books, cause that was when I first got to know about sea monkeys. They sell them as pets in the US! I thought they were so cool when I was a kid, cause they always draw them like creatures from another planet or something in those comic books. 

Another thing you will find in the house of Ishiya are these beautifully crafted chocolate roses! They are so beautiful and classy! Guys, if you are going for a girl, buy her a box of these! 

They also sell desserts that are christmas themed. I took these photos cause I thought maybe I can recreate them since they specify all the ingredient of the dessert out nicely. The price was not that expensive either. And look how pretty they make them!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Sapporo Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人) Park - Part 6/8 (Retro Toys)

After the tea break, it seems that was all for the chocolate factory. But just before you enter the shop area, there was a section of rooms that seems to display all Japan's retro toys. Actually it was perhaps a private collection? Cause apart from retro toys, there were also autograph football t-shirt and other collectable items. Maybe it belongs to the owner? Anyway, I thought it was a rather nice collection, especially the retro toys. Above a collection showcase of Astro Boy!

Next was Peko-chan. I don't really know what she is famous for, but I always see her on chocolates, sweets or milk related items. 

There were some star wars display as well, but Darth Vader in lightning mode was my favourite one from that collection. 

There were some collection of the moon's landing as well. 

I'll leave some here for your viewing pleasure.

This above is Sato-Chan. 


And the last one is  my favourite of the whole retro toy section, cause the cat is so cute and look like Felix. I've never seen it before. I don't mind getting a comic book of this cat. Erm. That's all folks. This blog is beginning to look more like a photo album with caption eh? 

Sapporo Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人) Park - Part 5/8 (Tea Time)

One of the highlight of visiting Shiroi Koibito Park is having tea there. Above is the classic plastic food displaying all the delicious food being offered in the cafe at the 3rd floor of the factory. Although the queue was long, we managed to get a seat after 30min of wait time or so. There is a book outside where you can write your name and number of people. After which you just hang around until they call your name. I wrote my name in katakana, and was able to response when they call out my name! Woohoo! 

In case you would like to know what the price is like and the type of food they offer, I have kindly taken some menu photo for you. 

They even serve alcohol cause parents need some fun in this crazy house of chocolate too with all the kids running in all different direction!

My husband ordered just some coffee I think. Above is what his set look like. I super like the napkins they provided. It is so cute!

I ordered the parfait cause it seems the most value for money! Yes, eating ice cream in winter is a thing. 

Here is what the real thing look like. Not disappointed at all!

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that outside, there is a clock tower that puts on a show at a fixed interval. You can actually watch it from the cafe if you get a window seat. Guess who got lucky! So we sat there until the next show, and watch it before leaving cause it was like 1st class box seats! Highly recommend experience to try out! No regrets having tea here. To be fair, it wasn't really that expensive. So give yourself a treat if you visit here!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Sapporo Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人) Park - Part 4/8 (Chocolate Collection)

Before I move on to other major part about the park, I wanted to just take a day's post dedicated to the chocolate collection displayed that I thought was so beautifully done that it deserves a mention of it's on. Above the first photo showcase the famous biscuit itself, in I guess what is their original or older retro tin box. You can actually buy a box of this and have your own photo printed on the box as a souvenir! They have a very delightful way of parting you with your money!

Besides their trademark biscuit, they actually also sell other products. Here above are some drinks and swiss roll. If I have tonnes of money, I would love to try everything here in this factory. But at last, those things are expensive! So I can only manage to snap photos of them and look at them from time to time and recall those bittersweet memories of visiting this beautiful chocolate factory.

Last photo, these I have actually tried and like. I bought some, and my friends also gave me some before. These are chocolate covered waffles. I love those with dark chocolate and berries in them. But its the way the decorate it in the display area that makes these so elegant. Gah. Everything in Japan looks elegant and pretty.