Sunday, April 7, 2013


1st entry for year 2013, thought I'll start with something striking, beautiful, and close to my heart. Above is actually a photo of a corner of my home garden outside my HDB unit. Yes in this concrete jungle, I still try my best to maintain some sanity in my life. My garden is one of my little joy in life here.

I thought I'll start the first entry of the year (even though it's already April now), by showing you little things around my home that brighten ups my day. When you're working day and night, Monday to Sunday, sometimes you need to slow down and look around you to see what your life have become. These little things help keep me rooted to who I am, and who I want to be.
For a start, there's a lamp in every room as I love the ambiance a lamp brings to a home. It's warm, calming and elegant (plus it really keeps the utility bills down!). My dining table is a classic kopitiam style marble table, probably the single most expensive piece of furniture in my entire home (most of my furniture are acquired "freegan" style).  On the dining table I have a set of hand sewed cat coasters (you can click on the link to view the coasters in detail). I would love to always have fresh flowers on my dining table, but the cost is rather high, so I got some fake ones instead. Me bad. Maybe one day when I have an actual garden, I can grow my own flowers and have them on my table daily :)

Photo on the right is actually my shoe cabinet. On it are three potted plants I'm trying my best to keep alive as I love the idea of having indoor plants, and perhaps herbs in my kitchen. The cactus in front of the scarecrow is one of the very first plant we got in our home. Behind it is a traditional peranakan tiffin which I got from my mother, who inherit it from my grandmother. So in a way, it's a family heirloom. I'm wondering if I can get it restored. Anyway, moving on, there's somehow always pumkins and scarecrow in my life, a reminder of a friend I am very fond of. And right in front, Hello Kitty! It's actually my very first DIY paint-by-numbers. I have a bigger painting which I'll try to show it here in one of my blog entry.
Recently during the long weekend, I suddenly have this urge to buy files to organize my shelves. So above is the end result. I'm especially please with how the files get label to tell you what they contain. This is just the first shelve I tried organizing. I'm in a minty green phase of my life recently, so green and white is my color of choice. Next to the files are all my Japanese books. One day! One day I'll master that language! The other three holders are actually my husband's. But all the naked volcanic dudes are mine :) They are my beloved hell guardians I got from Hokkaido.
Lastly I painted my gate minty green sometime last year, and just two weeks ago, I managed to paint the wooden door white. It looks rather weird from the outside, but I kinda like it. The white and the metallic part looks really good together. My motivation for finally getting the door done, was to purchase SGD5 worth of door numbering so that I can finally hang them on my newly painted door. I would like to put a hand pulled bell outside my door, but I'm wondering if people would come around and steal it. If it's not too expensive, maybe I'll give it a try.

So there you have it, the start to my 2013. I'll try to continue on my backlog from now on, so that at least when I try to look back at my life, it won't be just some empty pages and nothing to remember me by. I'd like to chart as many information here as much as possible. Stay tune!

HDB Flat
Hello Kitty