Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dui's Day Out (Part 2): Vietnam Exhibition and Lantern Festival

This is the continuation of Dui's Day out part 2.

We started the day at 12:15pm at City Hall, where Dui 1 tricked Dui 2 to go to Comex with her. But at around 2pm or so, we finally made it to the Asian Civilization Museum to enjoy the Vietnam Exhibition. The admission was free, so we save S$8 each, plus there was a free flow of Gardenia raisin muffins, and free Vietnamese Ice Tea! We also saw some cultural performances, mainly singing by Mat Troi Moi Band, and Viewnamese dances which was rather good! We also run around the whole museum looking at some of the wonderful exhibit there. ACM is 100% better then the National Museum of Singapore!

We left the museum around 6pm or so and went looking for dinner towards Chinatown area. While walking pass the Singapore river, we notice some lanterns decorating Clark Quay area, and decided to walk in to explore. What we saw was a Japanese 'Ching-Gay' with Japanese lanterns as show in the photos here. Quite impressive. The Mid-Autumn Festival doesn't start till 31st August, but we manage to catch all the preview lights up on 30th August :)

All in all, it has been a fruitful day!

Asian Civilization Museum
Dui's Day Out (Part 1): Southern Ridges Singapore Night Festival

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Paper Craft: Green Collection

After spending too much time cutting out pictures to decorate my bookmarks, I've decided to wise up and pay a little extra for nicer accessories. So on a recent trip back to Malaysia, besides spending some money getting nicer ribbons, I've also ventured into nail arts and craft art accessories.

Photo shown here are some of the new bookmarks with the new and improve flower accessories around it. They look nicer in real life as the flowers glitter in the light :) Plus the green ribbon also have a nice silver eadge to it that makes this collection just glow with a 3D effect!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

1000 Hits Today!

After 3 months using the trafic counter, my blog finally reach the 1000 hits milestone today! woohoo! This calls for a celebration! Thank you all who drop by once a while to view the updates on this blog! If you have any feedback or any wish list for this blog, do let me know!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Singapore Flyer

Cordy and hubby went on the Singapore Flyer yesterday. Hubby manage to get the ticket for only S$10 per person via coorperate sales. Not bad considering they are charging tourist S$29 per person for a 30minutes ride on a ferris wheel! If you are a tourist, and you are reading this, you might want to consider a meal package that includes lunch/dinner at the restaurant below the wheel that includes a free ticket up the flyers. It's around S$39 per person, and hopefully, you'll get a decent meal along with it :)

Anyway here are some of the shots I manage to take with my faithful Nikon camera. You can click on the photo to view it in detail. Even then, the resolution has been shrank to fit into this blog. If you plan to go, and you want to take the night shots, please refer to the sunset timing from the web first, so that you know the exact time to go up the wheel.

Please allow around 10 minutes time to queue and get in as there are security checks as you make your way in. If you would like to get a souvenir photo, then buffer for 15 minutes. If your timing is out and you find yourself inside before sunset time, then there is a toilet after security clearance inside, and you can go in and wait there until the sunset time before proceeding to board the flyer :)

Singapore Flyers
Singapore Sunrise/Sunset Time

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Night In The Museum

This looks fun! Click on image to view it in detail.
Dui, want to go spend a night in the museum?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend in JB

Went to JB last weekend with my hubby. Travelled from Bugis to JB taxi stand using the SG-JB taxi that cost us S$10 per person. It was well worth it as the journey took us 2 hours due to heavy traffic jam along the crossway. After that we catch a cab to our hotel for RM10 a trip. Reached the hotel around 8:30pm, and watched the Olympics opening ceremony all the way till past midnight.

We stayed at the Mutiara JB. This was our second stay in the hotel, and we love it cause it's just next to Holiday Plaza with its cheap fast food, hair salons, massage palour, and shopping! This is the view from our hotel room, and I just love it as it gives you the nostalgic 'kampung' lifestyle feel with the KTM train running thru it almost hourly in the morning and evening.

The next day we took a cab to Jusco Tebrau City that cost us RM15 there, and RM16 back. The place was huge! We spend the whole day there, watching two movies in the process: Mummy 3 The Tomb of the Dragon Emperror at 10:45am, costing us only RM8 per person due to early bird special (meaning any movie before 12noon). We watched Meet Dave later on at 3:20pm, costing RM11 per person, which is the normal price. Meet Dave was surprisingly good! And there was some reference to Eddie Murphy's Delirious which I rather like.

All in all, it was a great weekend getaway. Cheap, fun, and relaxing! I know a lot of people avoid JB due to its high crime rate, and dirty environment, but I just love it :)

Jusco Tebrau City
Mutiara JB
Holiday Plaza
Eddie Murphy Delirious

P/S: Oh yeah, I dyed my hair red :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Southern Ridges and Singapore Night Festival

Being bored in Singapore last Sunday, me and my friend Dui decided to explore the Southern Ridges, one of Singapore's latest attraction with 9km of walking.

We started our journey at 2pm at Harbour Front MRT, coming out of Exit D and towards Marang Trail up Faber Hill. The steps were a killer. Walking pass Jewel Box we reach Henderson Waves the first interesting attraction of our walk. The structure was nice, but not so in the heat of the 2:30pm sun. Continuing towards Telok Blangah Hill Park, and thru the Hilltop Walk which is rather boring, we reach Alexandra Arch, which is also rather boring.

We reach HortPark next and that was just slightly interesting a notch. We got a bit lost trying to find our way towards Kent Ridge Park after that, and totally miss the whole Canopy Walk and well, truth is, the Canopy Walk look rather boring as well. We ended our hiking at Kent Ridge Park and took bus 200 to Holland Village for dinner.

After dinner, we attempted to walk to Orchard from Holland Village, but gave up half way after Farrer Park, and took a bus to Delfi at Orchard. From there we walk all the way to City Hall to take the train home. The Singapore Night Festival was in full swing that night, and we spend more then an hour taking photos of the Art Museum and the National Museum. Really fun! Will upload more photos of those soon.

Verdict : Souther Ridges is utterly boring. Singapore Festival of Light is only interesting for 30 minutes. And I am going to JB this coming weekend :)

Map of Southern Ridges
National Park Singapore
Uniquely Singapore
Singapore Night Festival