Monday, September 28, 2009


This blog entry is for 'roomie' Bella who wanted to have a look at my pathetic Hermes card holder. Well, here it is. This is not the original card holder, it's the 'upgraded' version of it. Nothing that great about it, but it sure have taught me a lot of lessons!

You see, I have a 'love & hate' relationship with Hermes. My husband bought me my first Hermes card holder in February this year. I was thrilled about owning a Hermes! But 4 months later, the zip broke, and that was the start of the roller coaster ride with me and Hermes. Seeing it was a branded brand, and freaking expensive, you'll expect it to last! But it didn't. So I took it to the shop to get it repaired, but was told I have to pay for the repair (not more then S$100), and that it had to be sent to France as they don't have a craftsman in Singapore. The repair would take months as France was on summer holiday at that time. That was hardly fair to me. Would you pay for a repair of a quality product that you've just got less then 6 months ago?

I was so very upset about Hermes that it provoked me to write my very first complaint letter. I sent out 2 letter to Hermes Paris, one to the Vice President, and one to their General Manager. A few days later, my husband managed to get my Hermes repaired at no cost in another Hermes outlet less then 500m from the outlet I went too! I was fueling mad when I got to know about it and the different kind of services in the two shop, but more so on the inaccurate information that I was given.

But I was happy that my Hermes was function able again. Too bad my happiness was again short lived, and the zip broke again 2 months later! This time I went to the repair shop alone, and told them in person how upset I was at their product, all the while polite, and insisting that it wasn't their fault. I left my cardholder there, quite fine at the idea of not going back to collect it since it was pretty much useless to me.

Few days later, they called and agreed to exchange a new cardholder for me. The only problem is, I wasn't interested in an exchange and put off going back to the shop to collect my replacement. I was at that point, not keen at all on anything Hermes. But my husband suggested to upgrade the cardholder, to one without zipper. He hand picked my latest Hermes, and to be honest, I truly love it. It's just that at the back of my mind, I keep wondering how soon will it break down on me again? Well, just 2 days ago, I received a DHL package from France. It was an apology letter from Hermes, and it was personally signed by their Managing Director. I was touched that they took the effort to write to me, and that they personally contacted Hermes Singapore regarding my case :) Thank you very much for that Hermes! And thank you very much Jenny Ho from Hermes Liat Tower for treating our case so professionally! You truly provide the type of excellent service one would expect of a Hermes Boutique!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Singapore Botanical Garden

Went with one of my colleagues to the Botanical Garden on our very first photographic outing about a week ago. Here are some of my favorite shots from that day :) Lynx is right after all, once you get a camera, it will get your butt out of the house every week! Interestingly, I didn't take much photograph of flowers. Instead, I end up with lots of green shots, and ants! Lots of ants! And I realize that ants are a tough lot to capture on picture cause they hardly every stand still! Enjoy. My world is green today!

And finally, here are my two favorite shot of the day in full resolution :)

HTC Hero!

Click the reference link below and go weak on your knees if you're a HTC fan!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Monochromic World

Here are some of the very first few shots I took with my Nikon D5000.
Just your everyday stuff one can find in my home. I truly adore monochrome photos. They are just so timeless, and have this classic attributes about them. And they really goes very well with jazz, blues, R&B, and any depressing songs :P

Click to view larger image.

Contact Lense Query

After 6 months of wearing contact lenses, I'm improving at the speed of putting on a pair, and each pair can last me up to 8 hours now without popping out, but I still have questions about them. Maybe you feel the same way? Here are some FAQ I managed to compile, as well as answers to them :)

1. Can you wear your contact lenses while bathing?
Ans: Avoid it. Ref - CNIB
From Experience: No. When the soup and water get into my eye, it made the lenses sticky and when you blink, they kinda glue your eye lids together :P

2. Can you wear your contact lenses on an airplane?
Ans: Yes on short flight. Better not on long flight. Lubrication drops might help. Ref - Contact Lens Information UK

3. Can you wear your contact lenses to a facial?
Ans: Couldn't get a good answer on the web. But a facial chemical peel site advices that you should remove your contact lenses before going for a procedure. Ref -

4. Can you wear your contact lenses to a spa or sauna?
Ans: No. Ref -

5. Can you wear your contact lenses while you're driving with the top down?
Ans: Yes, and this reference site gives very good info on contact lenses and driving. Ref -
From Experience: Yes. From Tampines to Sixth Avenue and back, no problem!

6. Can you wear your contact lenses when the wind is blowing sand into your face?
Ans: No if you're in the desert. Ref - Yahoo Answer
From Experience: I feel vulnerable when the wind blow, so usually I put on my sunglasses to avoid sand getting into my eye.

7. Can you wear your contact lenses when you're standing directly under the air con?
Ans: Depending on person's eye. But it is definitely uncomfortable when it gets to dry. Ref - Andrew Gasson
From Experience: I avoid shopping with my lenses on. I use Acuvue Moist, yet my eyes get dry in air condition.

8. Can you wear your contact lenses in the rain?
Ans: Yes. But not sure about acid rain though :P Ref - Contact Lens Information Center

9. Do they have transition contact lenses?
Ans: Can't find any answer on the web :( But there is a US patent registered for it. Read the ref if you're interested. Ref - US Patent Storm

10. Can I wear different diameter contact lenses?
Ans: Yes you can! To make your eye ball look bigger! Ref -

Maybe some of the reference links will help answer more of your questions :P I know I have mine all answered :) Sometimes I'm glad I have this blog, else I'll never be bothered to find out anything at all :) By the way, yes, those are my real lenses in the photo :)