Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Toy Museum Penang - Part 2

Continue on some milder toys you can find in the toy museum....

Some semi-naked characters from the fantasy world :P

And a whole portrait of Gollum :) 

And a tribute to Tim Burton's character! Gonna used these as inspiration for my rag dolls!
Tim Burton

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toy Museum Penang - Part 1

Visited the Toy Museum located at Corpthorne Hotel as well. Went in around 4pm, and came out at 6pm :) It's really really small, but you can have lots and lots of fun inside with your camera. I went in with just my HTC Desire handphone, and took all the below photos! Lots of fun! Entrance is RM20(SGD8) for non-Malaysian, and only RM10(SGD4) for Malaysian! Kids RM 6. And they open till 10pm (I think)!

For more decent and normal photos,please visit the ref link provided below. These are my view of the toy museum :)  Note: Rated RA! Enjoy!

From the mild and sci-fi Matrix with special effect....

To the more adorable horror characters....
Glen son of Chucky, Joker from Batman, and Erik the Phantom of the Opera

To the super horror characters....
Dark Maul, Jason, Spiky, and Chucky!

And some cool toys from the chamber of horror.....

Penang Toy Museum

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Food around Pearl Hill Penang

If you're around Tanjung Bungah Pearl Hill area, do drop by the food court there (Just opposite Corpthorne Hotel). You'll find some interesting food there. Drop by after 6:30pm for best result. It's famous for it's Spiced Fried Chicken which smells so good and taste so fresh! Simple lovely! There goes my vegetarian diet!

Actually I only had one piece of the chicken as I was busy devouring the Oriental Chicken Chop from the nearby Western Food stall. Deprived of my favorite David's Chicken Chop, I had to do with what I could get my hands on, which wasn't really that bad! In fact I went back two days in a row and ordered the same thing :) At RM7 (SGD3) a plate, I had no complaints! Sorry, no photos on those.

The other great thing you can find here is Tony's Ice Kacang! Order it with ice-cream to get that creamier taste! I love my Ice Kacang milky! And this ice kacang is special cause it comes with Nutmeg! Yummy! And raisins too! And it's so loaded with milk that my husband had to actually ask them to go easy on the dairy....-__-

Don't be just confined by the food court. Take a walk outside and you will find two gems of Tanjung Bungah! One is the mysterious Uncle Burger! He has been around with his mysterious van since I was a kid! And I'm ashamed to say, this was the very first time I tasted his burgers!(Actually I ordered a hot dog with cheese and eggs). He drives his van around, and can be found here around 7pm onwards. But be warned, LONG QUEUE! If you understand Penang Hokkien, you can hear about the Uncle Burger at Penang Hokkien Podcast. After hearing the podcast, I told myself I'm gonna give those burgers a try!

And park just behind him in the picture here is a van selling soya products. The soya milk is HEAVENLY! Served in those traditional silver cups. They also sell bean curd, and black bean milk! Must try!
With all the great food there, there really isn't any point eating at a restaurant in Penang :P

Photo courtesy of JaxPax, also taken with HTC Desire :P

Friday, May 20, 2011

Patch Work

Took up patching recently, and it's really therapeutic! I can go on for hours without stopping! Usually having to put the needle down cause it's approaching 3am on a weekday, or when a project is completed :) On my recent trip back to Penang, I went a bit crazy with sewing material, buying cloth, needles, laces, zippers and thread cause they are sooooooooo cheap there! Gonna go get more supply when I'm back in September!

Above, a photo of my new sewing corner with my sewing kit: A tin box filled with laces, ribbons and zippers, and a paper box filled with all my cloth and thread! Best place to buy patching cloth and laces in Singapore is at Golden Dragon at Chinatown! And Sportlight if you can afford it. In Penang, I get my supply from Chowrastar Market, and also from Mydin.

Golder Dragon
Chowrasta Market, Penang
Mydin Penang

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Penang Straits Quay

2nd day in Penang me and my family visited the newly opened Straits Quay. I love it there! Went back with a friend at the end of the week for some coffee and cakes too and stayed till midnight! Love the place! It's also, as you may guess by now, is also by the beach.And it's beautiful there! Here's some pictures to share. They have their very own light house, and yacht docking space! What could be more cool than that?
As it was newly opened, not all the shops were opened yet. Still, some of the shops really stood out with their window displays and products sold. My favorites were a bakery shop "Sugar", and a craft shop "smidapaper". There is also a Snoopy shop there that's great for photo taking even if you don't eat there :)
A memorable place to spend the evening in :) 2 thumbs up!

Straits Quay

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Penang Flamingo By The Beach

Was initially scheduled to visit Vietnam on end April, but my leave got rejected, and I had to settle for a week's break in my home town of Penang instead, which isn't actually a bad thing :) I know I haven't actually completed uploading my Europe photos yet, but what the heck, I'm gonna be blogging about Penang instead for the rest of this week at least :) And nothing says holiday like when you're kicking off your slippers in a hotel room by the sea :P

First entry, the relaxing beaches of Penang. Managed to stay at Flamingo by the Beach at Tanjong Bungah Penang for 4 days 3 nights booked via HotelClub at SGD90 per night for a Sea View room. Nothing melts away the stress faster then a walk along the beach every morning after breakfast. 

Here are some pictures taken from our hotel room, showing the shorelines of Tanjong Bungah.
 And some pictures taken from the pool side of the hotel just next to the beach.On a clear day, you can see the mighty Gunung Jerai on the horizon. The view is just stunning.

Our daily activity after breakfast daily, walking along the beach with our feet in the water :)
Can't wait to go back in September :)
Won't mind staying at the same hotel again as they provide wifi not only at your room, but almost everywhere else in the airport. Free shuttle services are also available twice a day to Gurney Plaza or Prangi Mall downtown, as well as a night shuttle to the Night Market at Batu Ferringi.You can also get a shuttle to the airport for RM15(SGD 7) per person from the hotel. And the public rapid bus stops just in front of the hotel. What more can you ask for?
Btw, all photos taken for this trip is from my Frodo (a.k.a HTC Desire) :P Not bad eh?

Flamingo by the Sea
Gunung Jerai
Gurney Plaza
Prangi Mall

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Patch Cat

Took up patching recently, and have practically gone wild on the fabric purchasing. But sadly, or luckily (depending on how you look at it), I've only these 2 patch coaster to show for my work so far. Fear not! More will eventually turn up. But it takes around 2 hours to make each of those coaster you see here, and they don't come cheap either! Still, it was something I've always wanted to do. They look so pretty! And I could never bring myself to buy some other people's patch up. Patch work to me is suppose to be personal. Besides, I think my own patch work is nicer than those sold outside :P Maybe I'll have the time to catch up on my week break coming up soon :) Got lots of ideas on what I want to make, just not much time to make them! Ugh. Maybe I'll bring out that darn sewing machine to help me once of these days.....


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hot Cross Buns

This year marks the first year me and Zoji are celebrating Easter together  :) And one of my to-do list for Zoji was to make Hot Cross Bun for Easter! And so I made some badasss Hot Cross Bun! (Refer photo above). Lol. I love Hot Cross Buns even before I knew what they we called. My mum used to buy it for me to eat from this supermarket call "Fima" in Penang. They roughly cost RM2, and were freshly made into a bread. We'll buy them home, and cut them up into slices. As I grew up and moved to Singapore, I forgot all about them until one day I bough them again in the bakery at ISETAN Orchard, and they brought back so many lovely memories :)  So I just gotta make some of my own!
Not gonna share the recipe here, but the photos above roughly show the stages of the buns. First the dough after mixing all the ingredient together which Zoji did. After that the dividing of the dough to make bun shapes. The look ugly as hell, but they'll grow into it as the yeast works their magic on the ugly lump of dough. Next, the shaping of the cross. This is the funniest part cause I have no idea how to make them look nice and holy! It turn out pretty messy and rough, but who cares! I'm eating them in the end anyway! Key ingredient: Cinnamon powder, mixed spice, and lots and lots of mixed fruits!
Just for reference, on the left shows what the buns were suppose to look like on my recipe book. On the right was what I actually made. I skipped the glazing cause I really don't care whether the buns look shinny or not. But thankfully, they taste wonderful! And you can keep them up to 3 days, warming them up before you eat to make them taste like they were freshly made! Lovely!