Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cameron Highlands Sunrise

I have a special spot for highlands, hills and mountain. I grew up climbing them 3 times a week when I was in Penang. The hike, the view and the fresh air cleanses more then just your lung, it cleanses your soul.

So we took a short trip to Cameron Highlands for 4 days in October. To see the tea plantation was our highlight, together with the fresh mountain air. The trip started at 10:30pm at Golden Miles Tower on a Konsortium Bus which cost us S$110 for a return trip. (Note: You can book your ticket online these days, refer reference below) We didn't reach Cameron till 7:00am the next morning. While waiting to check into our hotel, we were coached into signing up for some day tours like Sunrise Spectacular, and Agro Delight Tour. Both cost RM65 (S$30) per person each tour, and well, in my opinion, totally not worth it.

Still, on the next morning, we hop on the Sunrise Spectacular at 6am and made our way to the mountains to witness the wonderful sunrise! Sadly, the sky was cloudy, and this was all we got. This is the 2nd paid sunrise tour I've signed up for, and not once did I see anything that took my breath away. So please, stop making me pay for another one of those romantic notion that is just worth nothing. A sunrise can be seen free of charge at your own home town, so don't fall for this trick when you're on holiday!

As you can see, nothing spectacular about the photos above. But I did got a beautiful shot of these petite flowers found in the plantation, and I just love this shot (uploaded in full resolution). This is what Cameron is all about to me, serenity :)

Cameron Highlands
Konsortium Express

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Yes! It's that time of the year again when Cordy longingly hope and wish to see a witch fly over the moon! Yes! It's Halloween season! And I'm feeling like a kid again!

This year I'll be spending a bloody Halloween this Sunday at the Singapore Blood Bank! Haha, yeah, I'm going to be doing my regular blood donation, and doing it on a Halloween kinda seems in the theme too! What with all the blood and gore :P

And this year is super special cause my whole garden is in bloom! So here to share, the Halloween festive feeling, are some photos of my garden decorated with Halloween deco :) Actually, the deco is there year round, and Santa Clause and Frosty the Snowman is actually just around the other pot of flowers :D Maybe I'll show case them when it's time for Christmas.

Anyway, here's wishing you a Happy Halloween!
This year I'll also be celebrating Guy Fawkes Night on 5th November! More about it soon! Stay tune!

Guy Fawkes Night

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Right-Brain Awareness Art Workshop

Attended the Right-Brain Awareness Art Workshop organized by Mr JF Koh, a member of the Singapore Humanist Group today. The presenter started the workshop with an introduction to the difference in left and right brain usage of most people.

Left brain: linguistic, logical, analytical, intellectual, convergent, rational, linear, objective.

Right brain: visual, spatial, intuitive, relational, holistic, analogical, divergent, non-linear, subjective.

The objective of the workshop was to help participant make a shift from using their left brain, to the right brain. The workshop started out relatively simple, with a drawing of a face facing right, and a face facing left to form the picture as shown above, while all the time telling yourself consciously which part of the face you are currently drawing. It actually is harder then it sounds, cause when you're drawing it using your right brain (which has been neglected all these while), conflict tends to emerges, and you have to debate within yourself on how to navigate your thoughts, perspective, and motor skills.

Next we did some contour drawing of our hand (or any object), but drawing it by tracing it's contour, and by not looking at the paper you're drawing on. Frustration surfaces cause one loses their sense of relation, sense of direction, sense of sight of what you're doing. But what the presenter wanted us to focus on, was the contour, and the small detail of the object we were drawing, instead of the drawing itself.

Lastly, an upside down face of Einstein was show, and we were asked to draw it, but this time, we were allowed to look at the paper. Here's the result of our drawings at the end of the session :)

On the whole, it was an enjoyable workshop. I haven't drawn for ages, and I often wonder why adults draw less then kids do. Do we lose our ability to draw as we get older? Or is it because a drawing doesn't actually benefit us in any way?

Singapore Humanism Meetup Group
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Breakfast @ Home

With visions like these, who needs a McDonald breakfast? Now I know why I don't fancy a fast food breakfast (although that McGriddles is quite good! then again, I could always start experimenting with Maple Syrup....).

Anyway, weekends are about big breakfast at my home, and its when all the beautiful ceramic and cutlery come out in full force in all their glory. I usually only have time in the kitchen during the weekend, and since breakfast is my favorite meal, it's almost always a fanfare event! All the above can be prepared and eaten by 9am if you wake up at 8am! Yes, it take less then an hour to prepare a wonderful wholesome breakfast! And it doesn't cost more then one McDonald breakfast to feed two! And its a lot healthier too!

An introduction, the first two rows are egg Benedict. The third row is showing scones with sweet jam and yogurt instead of cream. And the last row are some of the adorable accessories you can find at my home. The middle photo shows my favorite butterfly tea cup. All things that look beautiful, and taste beautiful. Yes, that's my home sweet home :)