Monday, September 27, 2010

Scrub Soundtrack

My favorite sitcom - Scrub, to me is one of the most beautiful, idiotic, funny, meaningful, hilarious sitcom of all times! Running a total of 8 seasons, not only is the show good, but the songs are damn nice too! And as sometimes we attached a certain memory to certain songs, each song reminds us of an episode, and how it touches our heart. Here are some wonderful songs from the Scrub sound track and the reason they are special to me.

The day Carla said yes to Turk when he proposed....

The day Dr Cox lost a dear friend, one of the most beautiful episode...

The day JD does girlie stuff in Elliot's bath tub...

The original Guy Love sang by Turk and JD

I have never heard this one before, but it's so damn cool that I just wanted to share. It's from Scrub Season 1, which I have yet gotten the chance to watch for free via free tv or cable, sigh. Hopefully awaiting a re-run :)

I mean, come on, how could you not love such adorable characters like these????


Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yes, I'm up to my sick ritual of having an elaborated breakfast/brunch again after an absent of such indulgence for sometime now. And yesterday, I felt like scone was the way to go. So scone it is, with cranberries! Strange how everything I make these days contains cranberries! They are just lovely!

For recipe of scones, refer here, but with only one different this time round, I added an egg to make it less cookie like, and creamier in the middle. It was harder to handle when baking as the dough was softer, but it taste just simple delicious!

Cheers to life

My salute to life :)

Being part of the humanism movement lately in Singapore has made me grow more and more in touch with the passion to live and with life itself. Sure there is a whole other ugly side to humanism which I rather not blog about here, but overall, I do believe in the good of the movement, and I have high hopes and aspiration for it, even if sometimes I feel that I'm fighting an uphill battle, and even in a non-religious group, I still find myself standing alone in a corner with my own thought and opinion....

But today, (and everyday!), is not about grumbling, it's not about complaining, and wasting time in being negative and down. Today (and everyday), is about life, and what we made out of it. So toast to you! Go out there and live life to the fullest! Cause frankly, this life time may be all you've got! So don't waste it being sad, stress, and down. Do the things you like to do! And enjoy the world around you! Experience life to the fullest!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chew Jetty

My apologies for being slightly distracted from my Old Penang blog series recently. I have initially wanted to do a continues blog entry so that you would have a flow of what my trip was like. However, too many things came into my life all at once recently, and I was heavily distracted. But hey, if I'm not blogging, means I'm having a life! And you should be happy for me!

Anyway, I have 1 hour to blog before I head out to East Coast Park, so I'm gonna share with you a place call Chew Jetty in Penang. This place is named so because only the people with the chinese surname "Chew" lived here. There are actually a few jetties around this area, but we went to only one. These are the heritage area in Penang, villages build on water.

From the photo above top left, is the entrance to a place called Chew Jetty, near the Weld Quay terminal in Georgetown, Penang. You are welcome to walked in, and you would be surrounded by wooden old houses with narrow wooden platform alley. The pace of life slows as you walk further in and lose yourself in time.

It's interesting to note the wide contrast between the Clan Jetty and it's backdrop of high rise flats, and in some picture, the view of Penang Bridge. Here fisherman still used traditional fish traps to catch fishes, and goes out into the sea using a sampan daily.

People still leave rice out to dry in the sun. People still mend their own boats and nets, and hey! Mud skippers are still alive and glowing here! I have to admit, that this is the first time I've ever visited this place. I've heard of it, but in my 21 years in Penang, I've never visited it. I'm glad I've finally did. Sitting out there in the village, the smell of fishes in your hair, is quite a unique experience. Ah Niu was right, Malaysia does have its own romantic places. Simple and unique in nature :)

Incidentally, the Clan Jetty was also featured in Ah Niu's last movie Ice Kacang Puppy Love :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Also known as Android 2.2, is now available for update for HTC Desire phones in Singapore! Important: please ensure there are at least 25MB available on your Internal Phone Storage.

To check Internal Phone Storage:
Click Menu button > Settings > SD & Phone Storage

To update follow the steps below:
Click Menu button > Settings > About Phone > System software updates > Check Now

Make sure you download the upgrade using Wi-Fi only. After download, you can install it direct if you have enable backup of your data. It should take less then 30 minutes to update.

After update, you may have to reconfigure some minor settings like input type. Your T9 would also most likely be wipes out. My contacts are stored on SIM card, so you may want to do the same.

For me, there was no data lost what-so-ever. I imported my contact list back to the phone, and all previous bugs I have with my contact list have all been resolved! The contact list are now linked with my SIM Phone, Facebook and Gmail. I should be able to link up with Twitter as well, but currently I think Twitter is upgrading their security, thus most old application needs to be patch before it can connect back to Twitter.

After the upgrade, my HTC is so much faster! There is no lag now when I do simultaneous sync! Froyo also allows you to sync your phone with your iTune! That has been tested and pass! I found a cool Torchlight application inside the new HTCSense that uses the phone camera flash instead of the screen as a torchlight. HTCSense's Friendstream has also been improved to show 'Likes' & 'Comments' from Facebook.

To read more of Froyo's capability, please refer to Ref links provided.

What is Froyo
Everything you wanted to know about Froyo
HTC Desire Update
Easy Phone Tunes (to sync your iTunes to Android)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pale Blue Dot

I'm in love with life :)
And life is beautiful, so don't waste it!
This is a beautiful clip from Carl Sagan.