Monday, November 6, 2017

Beautiful Bedok Reservoir

Sometimes all of us are always so busy working and taking care of our families and friends, that we don't stop and really appreciate the beauty around us. So from time to time, usually more often than most people I know, I would take a break, do on a holiday, take a walk, do something different. Just to break from the norm, and see life from a different angle. And this post is about ordinary places, looking so beautiful that we never really notice them in our daily lives. Today's post, is about photos of Bedok Reservoir. I have been spending some time there lately, cause it's so relaxing to take a walk there.

These photos were taken on a Saturday, when my husband drag me there to accompany him for an evening walk. The whole circle is around 5km, and I can cover that in 1 hour just by walking. My motivation was to complete the walk so that I can go get my houjicha fix. But as we walk, we notice how beautiful the sky colour has changed. So we stopped along the way to take some photos. Actually I only took these 3 shots. And they are all so beautiful. Capturing a moment in time. So simple. So empty. So calm. So peaceful.

The reflection on the water, the canoe floating on top, the pink sky. Everything about that day was just perfect. All shots taken with my lovely HTC U11, which reminds me, I haven't done a HTC review for ages, partly because the previous model kinda sucks. But the recent one is awesome! Love it to bits! Especially the squeeze function. But we are getting side tracked again. So just stay calm.... and look at these photos.... hopefully they would also inspire you to go out and take a walk and admire the beauty around you.... Life is too short to stay at home! 

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