Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Houjicha Latte Success!

Ahhhh, is that just a beautiful photo of a homemade houjicha? The satisfaction I get just from looking at that. Knowing that I can now make that anytime I want. Not having to rush out to buy it, or complain about how much it cost outside. Now, all I have to do is boil some water and milk, and voila! Homemade houjicha, with foam and all too!

My husband bought a milk foam making thingy, and I finally managed to get it to work correctly after he finally pass me the manual for it. I have made houjicha before, you can read about it here. But this was by far the most successful experiment. First of all, I brew two packs of tea instead of one to get a strongly taste. Note to self, need to pack separately for latte making vs normal tea drinking. I also managed to get the foam making thingy to make hot milk, and because it was hot milk, the foam finally rises nicely as I want it to. Plus, when mixed with the tea, since both are hot, I don't get a luke warm latte like I did previously. And the whole making process probably took 10 minutes inclusive of boiling water and milk timing! Not too bad!

Since the foam was so pretty and firm, I wanted to add some colours to it. So I threw a ready pack of matcha powder on it. Not too pretty is it? Lol. 

Anyway, I managed to make two small cup of houjicha latte, although one was a mutated green tea wannabe too. I didn't add any sugar to it. I was quite tempted to do so, to get that Starbuck sugar high taste. Luckily, since I have been eating healthy lately, I stopped myself from going overboard.

It has been fun having the time to play in my kitchen lately and experimenting with all sorts of food and drinks. The plus side is, I save money and eat healthy all at the same time! My meal portion are also smaller and I have better control on what actually goes into my food and drink. The only part I don't like is the washing up. But something's gotta give, right? Here's to more houjicha! Cheers!

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