Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Dark Gallery

I am a chocolate lover, and I will always support any chocolate cafe at least once. My favourite place for chocolate is actually Laurent Bernard Cafe at Roberson Walk. I'll leave a link below in the reference section. My to-die-for drink there is Irish Hot Chocolate serve with Whiskey. It never disappoints! So I was excited when I read a review of a new chocolate cafe in Singapore from the Straits Times. This place was call The Dark Gallery, located at Millennium Walk. So one day, I brought my chocolate loving friend there for her birthday treat. Aside from chocolate, they also server coffee and tea. The coffee was ok, but the tea was really overpriced considering they serve it in a paper cup with a tea bag.

We tried two of their platter. Each was around maybe SGD10 or so. So above was the first one my friend selected which comes with macaroons, praline chocolate, a marshmallow burned treat, and a chocolate banana pudding. I did't try everything, but the chocolate pudding was my favourite of this plate cause it was thick and bitter. I only eat dark chocolate whenever I can help it. 

Above was my selected platter. It also come with mini macaroon, a chocolate ice cream, and one hot chocolate shot. I like mine better cause it was an overdose of chocolate! I really like the ice cream and wish I had drank the chocolate shot while it was hot. The only complaint I have of this place was, I wish there were more dark chocolate. The menu is kinda limited as compared to Laurent Cafe. It's fun and the location is central. I may go again just for socialising sake. But should I ever need a fix, I would always go back to Laurent Cafe, cause that damn Irish Hot Chocolate can make everything okay for me. Maybe I should go there again to get a fix soon.... Oh yeah, the Irish Hot Chocolate cost SGD9.50, and it's better than any Starbuck drink! Trust me, go try it! Isn't it weird I am writing a post on cafe A, but asking you to go cafe B? Lol. My loyalty lies in the best chocolate cafe!

The Dark Gallery
Laurent Bernard

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