Sunday, November 12, 2017

Solo Biz Trip HCM

Sorry I've not been posting daily. Have been busy lately as the pace of my project started picking up. I'm actually attempting to blog this from my mobile phone! Almost a first if not mistaken....And as the above photo shows, I'm currently in Vietnam, again. Only this time, I'm on a solo trip...

 I've actually just arrived today. The flight was more Japanese than Vietnamese as I sat with a bunch of students here. I've so far taken 3 cabs while here, one from airport to the hotel, one from hotel to Chinatown for a hot stone foot massage, and one from bahn min store back to hotel. 

Here's what my hotel room looks like. Kinda brings back memories doesn't it? Again, if only they have long bath!

Incidentally, I took a photo of my work clothes for this week, and wow, the lack of color is amazing! Lol. But yeah, that's basically how my work wardrobe looks like. It's fast and simple. I guess you can say it's kinda like my uniform. 

Anyway, that's all for now. Time to take a bath, get into bed and listen to emo songs again! 

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