Friday, November 3, 2017

Soya Stick Soup

Sometimes I have no idea what to cook during the weekend, and sometimes, some childhood memory would just suddenly pop into my head and I remember soya stick soup! So that was what I cooked last weekend. Again, not saying I am a health freak, but I totally adore soya products! So I am really happy I am Chinese cause we have soya milk, soya bean curd, soya sticks, tofu, soya skin etc. In case you don't know what is soya stick, the yellow thing above in the photo is what I am referring to. It was part of the ingredient, together with pork ribs, some garlic, and carrots. 

Pork was really expensive. The above pot cost me SGD8 for pork alone, soya stick SGD1, and carrots maybe another SGD1 or SGD2. But it was enough for 5 servings, so around SGD2 per serving. And because I didn't have enough meat, I actually added omelette as one of the side dish, as well as some green vege. This meal also gave me some thoughts on whether I would be able to live on SGD10 per day when I retire... 

To cook the soup, add oil in the hot and stir fry some chopped garlic until slightly brown and fragrant. Add carrot and stir fry a bit. Then add pork, and some soya sauce. Cook for a while until brown (maybe 3 -5 minutes?). Then add water and let it bowl. Done! I really love the soya stick taste that adds to the soup. I'm the type that love soya milk steamboat, and yes, there really is such a thing! 

So here above is my lunch and dinner. I added stir fry green vege for lunch, but was too lazy to cook them for dinner. The soup was surprisingly tasty considering all I used for seasoning was some soya sauce (also a soya product!). Chinese cooking is so easy! So healthy!

I even have a surplus, or rather, I did planned to cooked enough to pack at least one serving for weekday lunch. It looks so yummy and full of stuff that my container was to show case all the wonderful colours of the food. Lol. Probably one of my most messed up bento ever!

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