Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hanoi to Singapore - SQ Business Class

I'm back in Singapore, for like 3 weeks now. I guess I'll start blogging again since there is always backlog of things to write about. For today, I want to blog about my first experience in a Business Class flight, SQ no less, from Hanoi to Singapore. I got the flight for free (excluding taxes which I paid) by redeeming almost all of my Krisflyer points from  my 2.5 years worth of business trip. Could only afford a one way trip though, but it was well worth it for the experience. So let me just document everything down here as part of my life milestone.

For a start, did you know you could actually check-in earlier if you are flying budget as compared to flying Business Class! Bummer, right? But since I didn't have to queue as per economy class, I wasn't really bothered, although I mentally noted that they could improve by letting me throw my luggage in first!

As part of Business Class, you get complimentary entry to the airport business lounge. This was my 2nd time granted entry, so I wasn't really too bothered about it either. I wasn't particularly hungry either and only managed to ate 2 plates of fruits. Guava in Vietnam is so yummy! But what I did love about the lounge was how quiet it was, and how strong the coffee was. They had a Nespresso machine in there, so I helped myself to two cups of espresso. It helped so much to clear my mind! And it being so quiet in the lounge, I could finally calm down a hear my own thoughts again! I spend about an hour in there before headed to my gate.

Upon boarding the plane, which I get priority, I grab a paper, and headed to my seat. Woohoo! How spacious! Through out the flight, I didn't even feel like I was on a plane! I wish all my flights could be like this! And pardon the dusty boots. I have been hiking, and was not my glamourous self on the flight.
Unlike the normal earphone, SQ provided headphone and a very comfy pillow for me to hug. And yes there were in flight entertainment! Although the selection was rather limited, I managed to still watch a Japanese movie titled: I want to eat your pancreas. Needless to say, I shed tears watching it. How embarrassing! It wasn't even that good, but I guess the movie caught me in the wrong altitude! Lol.
Lunch was provided, and above is the menu. Oh yes, they served champagne before take off, but I opt for juice. I'm a hopeless luxury traveller. I don't really fancy much stuff I guess. I did however had Chardonnay with my main.

1st course was the appetiser, mango salad and scallop. Not too shabby! With full cutleries too. Needless to say, old habit dies hard, I only used the folk. 

The main was salmon cooked in tomato sauce. It was ok I guess.... Nothing fancy except the plates.

Dessert was chocolate brownie, which was kinda disappointing. I missed the haagen dazs they used to give in economy class on flights to/from Japan last time. Come on SQ! This is probably the only time I get to fly Business Class, and you serve brownies??? 

Anyway, it was just a 3.5 hour flight from Hanoi to Singapore. The flight ended sooner than I wish it to. We get to get off the plane first, and even my luggage came out first. Awesome. But I was stuck in the duty free shop like forever waiting for my husband to buy full quota of his happy juice a.k.a. alcohol.

And so that was how my 2 weeks adventure in Vietnam ended. There are tonnes of photos to sort through before I can update them here. Vietnam was beautiful, and comical and fun. But at the end of the trip, the smell of fish oil was kinda making me sick. In fact I didn't eat much the last few days. I really missed starchy rice and loaded up on that the first week I was home. 

So give me some time, weeks, month, maybe years, I promise to share my adventure of Hanoi here eventually.... 

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