Saturday, December 23, 2017

Absolute Vodka Cocktail Recipe

Remember my previous post on watermelon cooler with a dash of vodka? Well 2018 is just around the corner, and there are two long weekends for me to fool around at home. So I thought I'll prepare myself by trying out some of the vodka recipe that came with my sampler vodka kit. Here to share are the full recipe booklet. The recipe looks simple enough, and after the watermelon cooler which tasted surprisingly refreshing, I thought I'll try to make more by referring to the recipe and getting some new ideas.

So what I've done is got some cans of soda water, as well as some juice from the supermarket. For today, I got yuzu juice. I also have lime and mint at home. I think fresh cocktails are the best. You feel less guilty drinking when you know there are fruits and herbs involved. Just add ice, vodka, something sweet and shake shake shake! I've even found a special mug to use for mixing the drinks! Will share more when I start making them! 

So far on my to-do list are: 
  1. Yuzu citron cocktail (Yuzu + Citron Vodka + Soda Water)
  2. Long Island Tea (Cold Brew Tea, Soda Water + Syrup/Honey + Pear Vodka)
  3. Surprise Sunrise (Orange Juice + Soda Water + Raspberry Vodka)

I think I need to get some cranberry juice, apple juice, and maybe some lemongrass....
Stay tune!

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