Thursday, December 28, 2017

Spring Cleaning My Desk

With two consecutive long weekends, plus me clearing my time-off one day each week, I was motivated enough on the first long weekend to spring clean my study room! So from a messy desk, I clear clear clear and voila! Clean desk! Above is the end result. Isn't it lovely?

Up close is Ms Hokkaido Office Lady with lavender Hello Kitty. She follows Markus everywhere he goes and kinda sits on top when Markus is in used. Markus is the name of my macbook in case you don't know. Lol. 

This year, I finally decide to get rid of my old speakers and downgrade to a wireless speaker. This is actually a free speaker which I got as a door gift from my office Dinner and Dance this year. Next to it is a Buddha leave image, a souvenir I got from my first trip to Mumbai, and the lovely paint-by-number unfinished painting is still the backdrop of my desk. I still think it is lovely. And Mr Andy is guarding the speaker. All of them seated on a lovely lace cotton from the island of Burano. 

I decided to also bring out my Starwars cloth and used it as a notebook cover. I got these fro Aeon Hokkaido last year. It kinda just fits in :) 

So study desk done. Maybe I'll even mop the floor next!

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