Monday, December 18, 2017

Homemade Watermelon Cooler!

I love pretty books about food. I got this book from the Orchard Gateway library last Thursday on my day off. It looked so whimsical to have a picnic. The book is all about picnic food. And as I just had dinner at a friend's place on Saturday where they serve us watermelon juice on ice, I kinda crave it again on this Sunday afternoon. And since we usually have watermelon in our fridge, I thought why not!

The recipe from the book looked simple enough. We have lime at home, and woohoo vodka! I have lots of vodka at home! It was a dull Sunday anyway, so I decided to make an afternoon cocktail to cheer myself up.

My husband helped me blend the watermelon and lime juice, and with a quarter of a cup of ice, and a dash of vodka, my Sunday was suddenly beginning to look a lot better!

Served in my innocent Moomin cup, who would ever imagine that this was a cocktail with 40% alcohol contained in the vodka! Fun fact, my miniature vodka pack came with a cocktail recipe booklet! Oh man! I can't wait for all the upcoming weekend to give them a try! Hello Christmas! Hello 2018, and Hello Chinese New Year! My home is a party by itself!

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