Saturday, December 30, 2017

Nano Block Memorable - Colosseum

While spring cleaning my room and trying to declutter, I came across this nano block that my dearest made for me. I thought I'll share the story this nano block on this blog today. Frankly, I hate nano block, I have two (inclusive of this one above), and I outsource both to other people to assemble it for me. I don't get the whole concept of it at all. But the one above was one I bought for myself in 2017. My colleagues and I were having dinner at Changi Airport one evening, and they have these nano block event on. With a minimum spending, I could purchase two nano block at a cheap rate (I think it as around SGD9). I bought two, one for my dearest, and one for myself. I specifically pick the colosseum cause I knew I was going back to Rome in June 2017. Btw, just to clarify, my dearest is actually a colleague from my office. No romantic link at all. I just happen to always start my email with "Dear....", but with her I always start with "Dearest ...." just for kicks. It kinda stuck till now.

She was nice enough to assemble it for me, with a box casing and everything, and return everything else back to me. Apparently nano block comes with instruction manual and spare parts! I did not know that. I guess like Ikea DIY kit, the spare is in case you lose some parts.

The kit even came with a miniature me! It's so cute. See, that's me standing in front of the Colosseum! Apparently I am blond in the nano block world!

To fix the blond-liness, I thought I'll share my actual photo of me and the Colosseum too. Above is a picture of me taken in 2013 on my first trip to Italy. I went with my husband, and am still one quarterly through of blogging it! Lol. You can read some of it here in the older entries. 

And this is a cooler version of me again, taken in June 2017. I felt fortunate to be able to visit the beautiful ancient city of Rome twice in my life time. Maybe that coin I threw into the fountain actually worked. Actually I can't remember if I threw anything in. I didn't really like Rome when I was there the first time. On my second trip I stayed at the other side of the river and spend more of an ordinary day like a residence instead of tourist there shopping for cheese, truffles, risotto and prosciutto. Will try to catch up on my blog one of these days! That day is coming up real soon as I am headed for retirement! (hopefully... I am still working. My goal of retiring at 40 has failed. Cause well, money.)

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