Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas 2017 everyone! This post is to capture the christmas decoration in my home. And we will start with the above title photo of my main and only Christmas decoration at home this year. It is located on my marble dining table next to the window with my beloved lamp, couple cat, and totoro stained glass jigsaw! Isn't it a lovely sight?

I've given up on having a Christmas tree a few years back cause my husband hated it, and it was so much trouble putting up and pulling it down yearly. So we threw the tree away, and above are kinda all the type of trees we have. These are musical boxes which I used to get yearly. I love them, but most of the musical boxes have stopped working due to old age. But they still look lovely, so now I used them as Christmas decorations.

To get some feel of lighting, I use tea candles in a glass bowl with flowers floating on it. It creates a lovely ambiance to the room instantly. Placed on top of laced cotton cloth from the island of Burano... Each and every beautiful things in my home has a special memory attached to it. Above the couple cat is from the island of Bali on our first trip there. The totoro jigsaw is from a Tokyo trip I went with my girlfriends. The marble table is the  most expensive furniture I have ever paid for :P

Above is what it looks like in the evening. I just love the greeneries outside the window. 

And when it is finally dark, the candle light shines bright and illuminate the whole living room, together with the lovely lamp of course. 

And as Christmas morning arrive, the sun will hopefully shine in from the window and light up the house with it's warmth :)

Merry Christmas everyone! Tomorrow I'm gonna post about all the lovely presents I got this year. Almost everything is extra special and thoughtful this year!