Friday, December 29, 2017

Innisfree Christmas Present for Myself!

While still in a Christmas mood, I thought I'll just blog about a Christmas gift which I got myself. And actually, it only cost SGD50, and it's from this Korean branch call Innisfree. Above shaped like a Christmas tree, is all the things I got for SGD50 for myself! If I buy all the things individually, it would cost be around SGD80+. I was already planning to get a face moisturiser from them anyway after seeing so many of my Facebook friends recommending this brand. I was running low on my own moisturiser, and since there was a Christmas sale on, I thought, why not! 

This is what it looks inside. I actually just wanted the Orchid Anti-Aging Moisturiser cream. That alone cost SGD48 for the big one, and I wasn't sure I will like using it. And since this box set let me try most of the products, it was kinda like a no brainer. Plus if you spend SGD50, you get a Christmas gift like the one below! Woohoo, I am so girlie these days! I don't really like using cosmetic, but I do like a clean and clear complexion. And with age catching up, I am more aware of the fine lines that are starting to form. So to the rescue! The only product that I will use on my face is moisturiser. Everything else is just temporary fix. 

And with SGD50, they let you join their membership too! And give you three more samples to try! I am already loving this brand. Super value for money!

The above SGD50 free gift isn't too shabby either. I get 4 small bottles of even more sleeping moisturiser cream! It says to share with someone. I think I'll share them between my left side and right side of my face! Lol. 

They even give you your membership card instantly! Super efficient! I haven't started using their products yet, except for the sample for a start. I am still trying to finish my old stocks before starting on this.

Ok! Enough of the girly talk! I think this is my first post on skin care and cosmetics and girlie stuff! To balance it off, above is a dinosaur powder I got from Hanoi in a Korean shop call Mumuso. It only cost me SGD6, and it is actually just talcum powder. But I got it because it has a monster on the cover, plus the talcum powder comes in shimmer. Meaning it makes your face sparkle! hahahahaha. Bye!

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