Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Rose Tea

I'm starting my tea drinking ritual again. Actually I've been pretty hooked on houjicha, and it has been my go-to drink at home. But recently, I ran out of pre-packed houjicha, so I have to have a sit down and do the manual packing of tea again. And this time, I have a new tea to pack - Rose Tea! Well, actually its just rose bud. I haven't really tried them yet, but I thought I'll just pack some and try when I'm free. I was recently at a high tea at Colony Ritz Calton (will post about it in future soon), and I ordered French Rose Bud tea, and it was served with 6 rose bud in a tea pot. It was surprisingly soothing, so that's the effect I am aiming for at home....

Anyway, here is a close up of the red rose bud I got. We actually bought these from Sapa, Vietnam. They cost us SGD6 for 200g after bargaining. In HCM market, they were selling it for SGD6 for 100g. I still don't know what is a good price for these. When we bought them from the market, the lady gave me one bud to smell. I put it in my sweeter pocket through out my trip and smell it ever so often. It was so lovely. I gave a petal to some aborigine tribe lady who keep following around. She told me these were used to soothe the tummy. I just love the scent of it. 

So I am trying to put 5 buds into a pack, meant for one cup consumption. I am rather happy that I can finally use my pink Taiwan tea container for what it was always meant to be used for - Rose Tea! Now just waiting for the right moment to savour this sweet smelling tea.

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