Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Present 2017

Had I pleasant surprise this year in terms of Christmas presents. I have stopped giving out Christmas presents to colleagues in my current workplace. Correction, I've never given them anything. If I did gave anything, it was only to a few, and it is usually vacation souvenir given way before Christmas. I don't like gift exchange cause I don't like clutter in my home. But this year, my desk table was filled with gift when I came back from a day off. I was pleasantly surprised. And I really really hate it when people just leave presents without stating who it is from! I spend the whole day asking around for my secret santa. Thank you all for the very lovely and extremely thoughtful gift. Let me tell you what they each meant to me. First was a bag from my lady boss. She gave me a gift every year, and thick skin me have never returned any gift ever! Not because I am stingy, or I don't like her or anything, but because of NO CLUTTER POLICY! 

Next, I received this lovely cute dragon? Dinosaur from my Kak Ida. (Actually I am older than her lah, but she will always be KAK Ida to me). I love it cause it has the first alphabet of my first 'real' name on it (yes my first name starts with "A", not "C"). And it is special because I love dinosaurs or dragons, depending on how you look at it. (my husband say it is a cicak a.k.a. house lizard). I'm keeping this gift for life! So adorable.

Above is from another alien colleague name E.T.  (no real names exposed on this blog to keep their privacy, but if you know me and know who I work with, you can guess :P) I love books!  And when I saw it was a Murakami, I was thinking who on earth would be so thoughtful to get me a book of one of my favourite author! I have read most of Murakami's book on my kindle, but I don't really have many of his book physically. In fact, I think this is like my third real book from him! And this is one of his especially dark stories too! And it's wrapped in such a lovely green translucent paper too! Totally love this! Thank you!

I also received this lovely unicorn from my dearest. She took me out for high tea, and suddenly surprise me with this. I am 40 years old this year, and I get a magic unicorn for Christmas! How awesome is that. I am sleeping with it now, seriously! She knew I love unicorn, and it was so thoughtful of her to got me this cute one. The magically unicorn is meant to feed on my sadness and make me happier! Thank you dearest! And NO, unicorns are NOT GAY! 

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