Saturday, September 30, 2017

Biz Trip Taipei - Eva Hello Kitty Flight

As you may I know, I was supposed to fly back to Singapore on 29-April after my business trip to Taipei, but as 1st May was a holiday in Singapore, I decided to extend my stay one more night in Taipei. Eva Air was kind enough to change my flight for me at no cost to a Sunday morning flight. I was just happy to have the chance to run around Taiwan for one extra day. I remember the last day there, the hotel has arranged a uber to bring me to the airport, and I checked out at 7am. They even pack my breakfast for me, and the driver who was a rather good looking young man drove me to the airport with Jay Chou music playing through out the way there. I didn't speak a word to him cause he was so good looking. I had my breakfast which the hotel had packed for me at a quiet corner of the airport and proceed to check in. While waiting to board my plane, I noticed that when the plane pulled in, people started to go to the viewing window and taking photos. I also went over, and saw the famous Hello Kitty airplane! I also took some photo and went back to wait for boarding. And then, it finally hit me! I look at my fellow travellers, and some of them were actually holding a Hello Kitty boarding pass! Mine was the boring normal pass. But we were both at the same gate, so what does it all mean??? Did Eva Air changed my flight to a Hello Kitty flight for free??? Woohoo! I couldn't believe my luck!

When I board the flight, I even ask the flight attendance was this a Hello Kitty flight, to which he dryly replied yes. I was so excited! But this was Eva, not ANA or JAL, so yes there were Hello Kitty stuff around, and they were cute.... but something was just missing....  Anyway, above is my seat, with hello kitty pillow and headrest protector. If you look at the inside of my bag, I actually have my laptop bag with me, and it's Cinnamon Chan sanrio themed laptop bag which I sew myself! He finally met his friends on this flight! Hahahaha.

Everything was Hello Kitty, so I took as much photo as I could. I was flying Economy Class. They gave us Hello Kitty tissues, and Hello Kitty packaged peanut and seaweed as snacks.

When lunch was served, the cutleries are also Hello Kitty themes, but they were made of plastic-like materials. Sadly the food was not Hello Kitty themed. That would have been a nice touch if it was. Anyway, after the meal, I kindly ask the air stewardess whether I can keep the cutleries. One of my colleague had told me that she has asked before in her previous flight and didn't get to keep them. But I couldn't just give up without asking could I? So I asked. And she said yes! So I quickly kept them in my bag in case another stewardess decided against it! 

All in all, it was an enjoyable trip. I may not be visiting Taipei any time soon since my project has ended. My project was recently launched in India as well. So now I can only look forward to more trips to Vietnam, and hopefully other more exciting new countries in the near future.

Until my next business trip! I still have backlog of India's trip to write about, which is like a year behind! I visited so many places in India that it's going to take a while before I get the chance to upload everything! Slow and steady now! See ya!

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