Saturday, September 16, 2017

Biz Trip Vietnam - Japanese Ramen

Continue on our food journey, one of the week night saw us entering a Japanese ramen shop. This is what you get when your travelling colleagues are 2 Japanese and 1 Singaporean -____- If I was on my own, I would have eaten Vietnamese food all the way! (or maybe not, since I ate a lot of Japanese food during my Taipei business trip too.....). Anyway! 

This ramen shop is suppose to be famous! And as we walk in, I saw this sign on the wall and can't help to take a photo of it. I do love miso. My favourite ramen in Singapore is actually Santouka Miso Ramen. I can drink the soup dry. At home, I also have a tub of miso in my fridge which I used for miso carbonara sauce, miso grilled eggplant, and miso soup. But this was the first time I saw a sign board on the benefits of miso! So ta-dah!

While looking through the menu, I saw Highball! My brother mentioned that this was found in every menu he saw in Tokyo as well, and interestingly, I have never ordered a Highball before. And although my colleagues didn't feel like drinking, I decided I wanted to try it, so I ordered Highball Orange. He gamely ordered the Highball Oolong. Highball actually refers to Whiskey. It taste lovely. Even with my super dry dying throat, I though it tasted really delicious. Would definitely order it again. I probably would like the Oolong one better, me being more of a tea drinker.

As I wasn't really hungry, one of my colleague suggested sharing a bowl of ramen with me, and according to the menu, if we order a ramen, we can order the tuna rice at a special price. He ask if I wanted to share. How could I say no? Minced tuna rice is one of my favourite food! Whenever I am in Japan, and if the shop sells it, I would usually order it. I don't do so in Singapore though, cause the tuna rice only taste nice if the tuna was really fresh, and serve with lots and lots of spring onions! 

So above is what we got to share. The tuna rice was kinda dry.... but still, nice. Luckily we were sharing. The ramen was also delicious, especially the roast pork. We both finished the soup dry. We later found out that most Japanese don't finish the soup cause it is not really healthy with all that salt and fats. But we don't care! It was so tasty! Why waste it? 

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