Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Biz Trip Taipei - Jiufen Pottery House

Right next to the tea house downstairs, there was a pottery shop and pottery workshop. I went inside to explore around. It was like a studio, and everything was beautiful there, the light, the colour. Best of all, I was always alone in the shop. So I took full advantage of it and took photos of almost everything!

Like I said, downstairs were mainly pottery. Tea pot of the finest ceramic lined the walls.

A whole pillar of pottery eat cup can be seen here. I love pottery plates, bowls, cups etc. Mainly I love Japanese pottery, but if they are well made, it doesn't matter where they are from. There is something very earthly about pottery. The touch of it, the texture of it. It brings one down to earth, cause after all, it is made of earth....

There were so many mind blowing art piece downstairs that I didn't even bother to consider buying anything cause nothing would do justice to anything I bough here. Everything was just beautiful.

Even a spiral stair case was so beautifully decorated that I took a photo with it, mainly of the minty green and white color of it that made me so happy seeing it. I even have photos of the back alley with vases and plant that looks like art, but for the sake of keeping this entry shot, I'm only selectively showing you some of the prettier photos.

The above are coloured ceramic tea sets. I've never seen such colourful tea sets because because I though drinking tea was always a solemn activity. But the above collection really brightens up my day. The pastel colour is so cute. I didn't buy it. Probably too expensive. Couldn't remember.

Further back there was an entrance to a pottery workshop. They held classes here, but there was none planned for that day, bummer. But I wondered in anyway and took a look around. There were two guys inside talking and drinking tea. They noticed me, but didn't pay much attention and went back to their animated chatting as only tea can make you do. I sure miss a good tea drinking buddy. One that I can drink tea with and talk about life.....

I saw a row of antique fan in minty green colour on the clayed colour floor and couldn't help but snapped the above photo. Aren't they just beautiful? They reminded me of my very philosophical vegetarian guy friend whom I enjoyed many long bus ride chatting to when I was doing my post graduate.   Sometimes when you're a married lady, your guy friend tend to keep their distance from you. This can be rather sad, especially when I can related better to them than I do most girlfriends. But such is life. Guess I was meant to live a loner life...And THAT is what too much tea does to your brains!

So I'm just gonna leave you here with more photos of pottery cat teapots! Cause nothing makes the world okay again faster than these guys! My journey in Jiefen is not over yet. I still have one more magical place to visit which I have save for last!

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