Monday, September 18, 2017

Biz Trip Vietnam - Bitexco Financial Tower Eon 51 Cafe

Last day of my business trip was kinda like my last day in Taipei business trip. Slept around 3am on Saturday morning, and woke at 6am. I have a lot of places to hit before checking out at 1pm! And the highlight was finally being able to roam around doing the things I love alone as my colleague have booked himself a 3 hour massage that morning. So although I was dead tired, I drag myself out of bed and headed for breakfast at around 7am plus. Above was my first destination, the Bitexco Financial Tower. I didn't know how to get there, and they open at 9am! So chop chop! Had breakfast with my colleague on the last day and nearly choked when he said he wanted to accompany me on my walk there. But luckily he had to go to the toilet after breakfast and I gamey escaped when he said it was OK if I didn't want to wait for him. Freedom!

The walk there and back was adventurous enough. I'll post the scene in another blog entry. It took maybe 20mins just to walk there. I was more afraid of getting lost then actually being hit by a car. Lucky for me, my sense of direction can be quite exceptional when I need it to be. And mind you, I navigate without GPS! So finally, I navigate myself to the building and ask the concierge where Cafe 51 was. They pointed me to the elevator that takes you all the way there.
Here's a souvenir shot inside the lift. An elevator all the way up! I call it a souvenir shot cause it has the address of the place and the date I visited. 

I have learned long ago that sometimes restaurant and cafe in Asia don't really know how to react when you tell them you need a table for one. But that doesn't really stop me from making things awkward for them everywhere I go, lol. I already had breakfast at the hotel, I was only here for the view. So although I really wanted to order some ice cream, I restraint myself from doing so and settle for a nice cold ice coffee. They seated me in a proper table,  but they also have a section that looks like the photo above which looks like a bar counter and you can look out to the beautiful view of Ho Chi Minh. I want to sit there next time I'm back! Hopefully at night time! Sipping cocktail or a nice whiskey....

Above is the view of my table. I love the flowers on the table, and I super love the ice coffee in Vietnam. It cost around SGD6? Or same price of a Starbuck. But the view! The view was beautiful. Since I was the first customer there, while waiting for my order of drink, I told the waiters I was gonna look around and proceeded to walk all over the restaurant. I spend like 30mins just looking at the view and identifying the places I have been to, and asking them to confirm it. They were more than happy to entertain me. I was also able to trace my route from the hotel. It was fun. And when real customer finally decided to arrive, I went back to my table and enjoyed my coffee. It was peaceful and free, and that was the first time I felt really relax in my whole trip. I guess I just needed to be alone. I still recall my trip to JiuFen a month back and how great that feeling was. Maybe I'll blog about that in my next topic! I've grown so used to being on my own since young that I look forward to every business trip just so that I could be alone with my thoughts. And this, this was one of those wonderful moment. 

They actually have a sky deck there where if you pay like SGD5, you can go out and take a walk around it. It wasn't open yet when I was there. So I just took a photo of it from the cafe. I wasn't interested in it anyway. Actually I wasn't really interested in observation deck before, but having seen the first sunrise from JR Tower Hokkaido in 2017, observation deck can be very memorable. I told myself that I would love coming back here at night next time to view the city lights. Hopefully that can be soon. 

Here are some view of Ho Chi Minh city from Eon 51 Cafe.

And of course the beautiful river that runs through it.


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