Sunday, September 17, 2017

Biz Trip Vietnam - La Cuisine French Restaurant

One of the highlights of visiting Vietnam is French food. I super love French food. Everyday in Paris was heaven to my taste bud. So no matter what, I told myself I was gonna at least eat in one nice French restaurant during my trip. And yes, although I have visited Bistro 48 on my first day, I wanted to try something more authentic. So after much google search and review researching, I decided on La Cuisine, which was within walking distance from where we were staying, and was affordable to my wallet, plus the review was good.

I went there on my last day, planning to order their set lunch menu. Unfortunately, they don't serve set lunch on a Saturday, and the ala carte menu was a bit pricey. My colleague who was supposed to join me for lunch decided the price was too high for him and decided not to join me. I was pretty ok with dining alone, but I think that was the first time a guy actually showed up for a meal, and actually walk out on me, even after I offered to treat him for the meal. It wasn't the nicest experience for me, but I wasn't expecting much. This was on my bucket list, not his. So I stayed and offered a rather awkward situation for the waiters to handle, which isn't really a bad thing. In a good restaurant, good waiter can tell when things are not idea for the guest, and they usually try to make it better for you. I once tried to hide tears from my eyes while dining with my husband, and when I ordered another basket of baguette, they didn't charge me for it even though I told them they left it out of the bill. I felt so touched. That was one of my favourite restaurant. I really appreciated those small gesture of an excellent waiter. Anyway, although the younger waiter in this place was a bit uncomfortable with the situation, the more senior waiter took over and made the whole meal rather pleasing. 

They recommended me to try their pork dish, and since it was within my budget, I agreed. I've learned that you should always go with their recommendation if it is within your budget. Above is the dish ordered, and it was just ok. Perhaps one week of Vietnamese food have numbed my tongue, but I couldn't derived much taste from it. It was just average for me.

I ordered a mixed platter of dessert that came with an espresso and this is what it looked like, a cake, a lime meringue, and a cream brûlée. Everything was pleasant, but didn't quite hit the mark. Actually, the only thing I really enjoyed was the espresso which kinda made everything okay after that. For the two course, and a coke (cause it was a very hot day), came to about SGD40, which was expensive considering I was in Vietnam. But it wasn't the experience that I was hoping it to be. But its ok. I won't give up so easily on cheap French food. If I end up in Vietnam again, I will source for other places to try!

The ambiance was nice and quiet though, with only 2 more tables occupied, and it was situated at the main road so you can watch life goes by outside which was kinda relaxing. The whole deco of the place was also very relaxing and beach like. If only the food has provided a more memorable experience for me....

Anyway, that was my last meal there. After that I had to rush back to the hotel to check out and head to the airport to catch my flight back. And thus ends my eating adventure in Ho Chi Minh. The next few blogs will be about my last day's adventure, scenes of Ho Chi Minh, and the things I bought back from there. Stay tune!


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