Sunday, September 24, 2017

Biz Trip Taipei - Jiufen

I guess technically this is still considered part of my business trip to Taipei although I have already completed my work. I extended my stay in Taipei after seeking permission from my boss, and since the change of flight was free, I moved to a cheaper hotel on Saturday early morning, and rush over to Sogo area to catch the bus to Jiufen. Above is the map of Jiufen area. There is a direct bus there from Sogo, and it is pretty cheap. I caught an early bus there, and it took around an hour to get there, going pass beautiful scenes along the way. It was a nostalgic ride, with beautiful bridges that made me homesick for Japan. Listening to Ken Hirai all the away in the bus also added to the atmosphere. I was on an adventure on my own again, and although it felt lonely, it was peaceful and calming at the same time. 

As the bus climbs uphill, and we headed nearer to the sea, above is the view you get when you near the old town. The view was spectacular. The reason I wanted to visit Jiufen was because of an anime call Spirited Away. The scenes from that movie was based on this small ancient town. So it felt like a magical place which I just had to visit. And since it was just a bus ride away, I just knew I had to go.

I was not disappointed. The view of the small town was enchanting. Slope filled with wooden old houses, some converted into traditional tea house where you can go in and drink tea. The price was kinda high to drink tea in one of these tea houses, but there is a 7-Eleven there where you can just go in, buy a drink at the usual price, and sit at one of the high stool that looked out into the same beautiful view! Who said travelling was expensive obviously have not spend much time exploring! I call bullshit on that!

There are many people still living in this small town, so you can see houses spread across the hill side. It has a very old feel to it. And I bet there are great hiking trails here as well. I was quite tempted to walk into one, but reminded myself that I haven't prepared myself for any hike today, and had no idea where those ancient trail lead to. Maybe next time.

Clear signs showing you where to head, which wasn't really necessary. Just walk where you like. It's a small town. Not much chance of getting lost! Highlight of my trip here which I will blog in the new few entries are: Tea Houses, Pottery House, and a magical tea house with nobody inside. Stay tune!


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