Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Biz Trip Vietnam - Scenes of Ho Chi Minh

This post is about the beautiful scenes around Ho Chi Minh. My exploration was rather limited to the city area and only half day on Sunday when I arrived, and Saturday before I left. All the photos here were taken only on my last day where I was finally feeling better and more comfortable with myself. Above was taken on my walk from my hotel to Bitexco on an early Saturday morning around 9am. By the way, zebra crossing don't work in Vietnam. Actually, zebra crossing only works in Singapore. I've never seen them work anywhere else before, except maybe Japan....

Above was taken inside the Bitexco building itself, looking opposite these rows of shops. The colours of Vietnam was really beautiful. I think I love it cause they always used such strong colours like dark green, dark brown, bright pink etc. And the trees really add a lovely touch to the scene too. 

I also cross the above building and the garden in front of me of Uncle Ho's statue. Not gonna show those photos cause I hate cliche landmark photos....

The Opera House. Small and petite. Hope I will get a chance to watch a performance here next time. I'm actually headed to Hanoi in November 2017 and they also have a lovely Opera House there. Price for a performance when I last check was around SGD50.

A beautiful hotel in colonial building style. 

Lovely coffee shops everywhere. 

On my last day, I've actually planned to have a mid morning snack at this cafe call "L'usine". I have walked past it a few times before, but didn't went in. But on Saturday, although I went back there, I couldn't find the entrance to the cafe. It could be I was too early and it wasn't open yet, it was under renovation (as I saw a sign about some renovation at the same building...), or I really sucks at finding the entrance. 

This is what it looked like from across the street. It looked lovely inside, and it was suppose to have wonderful coffee and breakfast items. Sigh. Maybe next time.

More cafe with lovely dark green themed. People queueing for bread reminds me so much of Paris.

One of my favourite past time when I travel is wondering into weird looking alleys. This one above lead into residential quarters and open up into an inner court inside with lovely French windows and nostalgic metal gates. It was really dark walking in, but it was early morning, and I didn't think it was dangerous. Besides, there were a few old aunties around, so I decided to go in. This looks more like the core life in Ho Chi Minh.

When caught in awkward situation when encountering local residents at such a place, just smile and look stupid. Works every time. Aunty selling pho looked at me curiously like why am I lost inside their alley. Dogs sleeping by the side can't be bothered with me. Moto bikes parked everywhere. Household items and laundry left out to dry inside the inner courts. These are the things that I want to connect with. I have a feeling I'll be back in Vietnam more in future to experience more of it.

And so end the last day of my business trip to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam.


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