Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Biz Trip Vietnam - Wrap and Roll

Here's another notable place we went to, Wrap and Roll. We also have Wrap and Roll in Singapore, but boy were the menu items different! But first, let me say how beautiful some of the cafe and restaurants were! I will slowly share more and more photos of these places as I blog more, but look at the view from the photo above. It looked like something out of a designer magazine. The place was spacious as we were on the 2nd floor, and you can view the streets and shops across the road. The furnishing were simple and elegant as well.

Again, it was a spring roll feast! I never knew a whole meal could just be nothing but spring rolls! But that was what my Japanese colleague helped us ordered, and above is one of the platter that was served to us. Isn't it lovely? I just simply love the visual effect of that. And you may think that spring rolls are not filling, but you are so damn wrong. We couldn't hardly finish everything we ordered.

Here's a photo of my colleague teaching us how to assemble the items together for the best taste. Just use your hand! I personally like the fried spring roll cause the paper rice skin spring roll is kinda hard to eat for me. And as usual, there is no shortage of weeds and herbs on the table. 

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