Friday, September 15, 2017

Biz Trip Vietnam Food - Japanese Yakiniku

This is probably my colleagues favourite restaurant, a yakiniku shop just next door to our hotel! We went there twice. Each time costing around SGD20 per person, which includes meat and drinks. It is ala carte, but still affordable and sufficient to keep us full for the night. I guess we like it here cause it was cosy and while you are cooking the meat, it leaves a lot of time for chatting. 

You can order the meat or vegetables from the menu, and they are served as per below two photos. The quality of the meat was not too bad. One of the favourite was beef tongue. Personally, I love the bbq mushrooms. You then cook it in a grill like the photo above. How nice the meat taste is actually depending on the colleague who is cooking it for you. Some are well done, some are done just nice. I would have prefer it to be more consistent and on the raw side, but still, it taste wonderful.

Mainly yakiniku goes well with beer, but my colleague ordered a shoju on our last night there as well, and we shared the bottle together. I was still having a bad cough, so the alcohol kinda dries off my throat. Not the best feeling in the world. After one week of drinking, my throat was really dry.

For dessert, I ordered Sakura ice cream which I have never tried before. Some of my colleagues ordered matcha pudding, which was also famous. The sakura ice cream taste like cough syrup, so I wasn't a fan of it. I didn't try the matcha pudding until my last night there which I will blog more about in a later post. 

All in all , this place was great for gathering with friends as it provides a warm and casual place to chat, with good food and drinks. Plus, it would have cost us a bomb to eat the same thing in Singapore. I guess that was the reason we went back twice. Cause in Singapore, all that for SGD20? No way!

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