Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Biz Trip Vietnam - Quan

In my last post, I was saying about how beautiful some of the cafe and restaurants are in Vietnam. Well this was one of them. The place is call "Quan", and I just love the photo above cause it looks so artistic. This place is just down the road from our hotel, and we went there on our 2nd day of work for lunch.

The restaurant has two storeys, and we were seated at the 2nd storey. Look at the decoration, aren't they beautiful? Vietnam used to be govern by the French, so there are a lot of French influence in the country. For this restaurant, everything was rustic, classic and elegant. Flowers were also placed everywhere!

Look at how lovely the deco is! I felt very much at home here cause well, my home is also rustic, classic, and on good days, filled with beautiful flowers too! Very chic!

The food was more at the expensive side, mainly catering to expatriate by the likes of it. The portion was small. We all ordered different dishes served with rice. It was good, but nothing to rave about either. Peranakan people are hard to please! Lol.

I would however say the coffee was delicious here! Actually the coffee was great everywhere I went in Vietnam! (Except Bay Hotel for some reason.....). I love ice coffee without sugar, and they serve it really strong and thick here, yet smooth! Lovely! And I love the floor tiles so much! And the wooden chair! If I belong to an era, this would be. I love jazz looking tiles of black and white! I love deco that are so Agatha Christy and Black Swan and all that jazz. It's just so timeless! But again, the food here was just so so....

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