Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Biz Trip Vietnam - Stuff

This is the last post on my Vietnam, and it is all about the interesting stuff I saw and tried there. Being on a work trip, I was actually in the office most of the time, and above is the photo of my office just outside the staff pantry. Instant noodles! I guess my colleagues there work long nights or are frequently hungry. I though that was a nice tough. Interestingly, my Singapore town office now have a vending machine that sells instant noodle too. Hungry staff are non-working staff! Always feed your staff! Luckily I work in a project office in Changi have have a foodcourt and supermarket just below. 

I think through out the whole trip, I visited Lucky Plaza 3 times. They have a supermarket on the 2nd level, and above are all the sauces I accumulated thought out the trip. I love cooking at home, so everywhere I go, I always buy weird sauce back to try. They are only SGD1 or so per small bottle, so it was great fun shopping there. 

Above are matcha pudding from Pizza 4P's. We actually went to Pizza 4P's for dinner once, but these pudding were sold out. My colleague also tried them at the Japanese BBQ place where I decided to forgo these for Sakura ice cream instead. Well we can't always be regretting over things we want to try but didn't, right? So on the last night there, as usual, I got dragged out for a night walk again and I decided to try my luck at the Family Mart convenient shop to see if they sell them. Luck was on my side! Woohoo, we got two bottles of these and brought it back to our hotel room for supper! Yummy!

My colleague brought the above wine from Lucky Plaza. He said it cost only SGD4. We had it with our matcha pudding on our last night there. I didn't know wine was that cheap in Vietnam. Do they make it there? Wouldn't know until my next trip there cause wine was never on my shopping list in Asia. I think Vietnam in general was bad for my kidney. For the whole week, I drank mostly coffee and alcohol.... I would say this was one of my most unhealthy business trip, sigh.

On my last day, I also went shopping on my own. I got myself a nice pottery cup which I have posted here. I also bought these two jars of pate. Lucky for me, I can read a little French, so rabbit pate! Hahahaha, and mushroom pate. Couldn't miss out on the rabbit pate cause it wasn't something you can find everyday in Singapore. Plus, each jar was around SGD4. How do you eat these you say? Spread bread with them and eat it. They are yummy. Add butter if you don't like them too dry.

I also got like 4 tins of pate whenever I came across them. Each cost less than SGD2, and i got a mixed of all shorts of liver. I know most people don't like liver, but I adore these! Especially spread on toast and butter. Not the healthiest thing to eat, but give it a try. They are creamy and gamey. They serve these in my hotel during breakfast, and I had them daily. 

And so end my first business trip to Ho Chi Minh. I heard that I may be going there once every 2 months in future. Looking forward to it. Stay tune. Next topic will be on my last business trip to Taipei for my project. Highlight would be on Jiufen. Lots of lovely photos to share for that one. Sigh, so many backlogs to post. 

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