Saturday, September 23, 2017

Biz Trip Taipei - Karaoke @ Party World

Here's another surprise detour on the very last day of work. I was planning to join another colleague to the night market after work, but as Murphy would have it, we hit a production issue and I had to stay back until it was resolved. It was a Friday night and I felt really really bad that my Taiwanese colleagues had to stay back with me to finish up the work as they needed to lock up the office after me. But thankfully I managed to finish around 930pm. As we were leaving, they ask if me and my vendor would like to join them for Karaoke. I said yes since I've always wanted to go Karaoke in Taiwan. I was surprised that my vendor said yes as well. So off we went on a cab to Party World.
When we arrived, some of them were already singing away. We haven't had dinner yet, so I was really hungry. Thank goodness Taiwan Karaoke has a restaurant-like menu! They had everything! From finger food to noodles, to rice, to even street food like braised intestines! Lovely! I was very very satisfied with the menu selection there!
Some of my colleague have bought some hard liquor. The white label one has an alcohol level of almost 60%! I got the chance to try around 2 types of hard liquor and mainly Taiwan Beer served in really tiny glasses that I felt like I was back in China. There were two casualty from all that drinking, but I went back to my hotel and had another beer on my own after that, lol. It really gets to me sometimes that I don't get drunk. But for the sake of my kidneys, I usually try not to over drink even though I really like fine hard liquor.

Here's a photo of me with some of my colleagues and vendor during the karaoke. I didn't sing much as my Chinese songs are limited. But I really enjoyed the Taiwanese song they sang cause it was so rock! I love rock music, cause it has so much passion. All my Singaporean friends usually just sing damn depressing love songs. But Taiwanese sing rock, dance, rap, and best of all - rap in Taiwanese Hokkien! I felt proud that they are proud to be Taiwanese! It was a very memorable night for me. Thank you very much for inviting me along! I got back to my hotel around 3am, and slept at around 4am! I had to check out early as I was going to JiuFen and wanted to catch an early bus there, but at the same time, I had to change to another cheaper hotel since my business trip was officially over the next day, Stay tuned for my adventure in Jiufen!

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