Friday, September 29, 2017

Biz Trip Taipei - Souvenirs!

This post is on all the weird things I buy on my trip. I'm not much of a shopper, but in this trip, I managed to buy 2 tops. So extending one more night in Taipei was really worth it! Above is the famous milk tea that Singaporeans are crazy over. They have rose flavoured milk there! So I tried one. The bottle is so pretty! I kept it and took it home. I used them to store pre-packed tea leaves and actually have a total of 3 now at home. They are also a whole lot cheaper in Taipei. 
Above are Taiwan beers. I love my beer in a bottle, chilled. The can one I think is honey beer. Never heard of honey beer before, so I had to try it. To be honest I didn't get enough to drink during the karaoke session the night before. So while shopping for my groceries on my last night, I was having a beer craving and decided to get two of these. Drinking Dino was there to save the day and help me open up the bottle. 

This trip was rather fruitful, not only did I managed to get some clothes, I got ankle socks cause they were so cute! That's what happened when you have too much time on your own and wander into shops because you don't feel like going back to your hotel yet. And that Kumamoto bear is actually bags of tea. I thought they would be individually packed, so that  I could give them out as souvenir. Sadly they were not, and I still have them at home sitting at the kitchen counter....

Some common thing I always get when I am in Taipei: Chinese Wine Instant Noodles. I am totally in love with this instant noodle. It comes with chicken bits, but I always throw the meat away and put fresh chicken when I'm cooking them. I love the smell of the Chinese wine, and the taste of the Mei Chai they put in it. I'm trying to cook it fresh from scratch, but have not succeeded yet. Until then, I really wish they are sold in Singapore. The second thing is mixed grain rice. These are cheaper in Taiwan, so I always grab either one or two kg home whenever I'm here. I mixed them with white rice when I'm cooking them, so a 2kg pack can actually last very long for me. Last thing is condense milk in a tub. I find this so much more convenient than the tin version they sell in Singapore. I use these for waffles, coffee, ice creams, toast, bananas, eat them out of the tub etc. Condense milk always reminds me of my grandma somehow...

I got these set of liquor in Jiefun cause the bottle looked so pretty and the flavour so interesting. I gave one to my brother, one to my husband, and one to my colleague who was kind enough to lend me his train card and sim card which was extremely useful when I was working. I kept one for myself.
I also got this pair of geta (japanese slippers) from Jiufen. They cost slightly over SGD20, making them the most expensive slippers I own. And I only wear them in my house! But I've always wanted to own a pair of these, and at SGD20+, they were considered cheaper than their counter part found in Japan which cost around SGD35 the last time I was there. I super love them! They actually look great with jeans, but I only wear mine in the house and really treasure them. I would even oil them when I'm oiling my legs. They make me feel somehow more elegant. It was a great buy! No regrets!

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