Saturday, October 28, 2017

21 Days Blogging Challenge

One of my goal when I retire is to maintain this blog full time. And one of the challenges was whether I was able to update it on a daily basis. Well if you have noticed,  I have been posting one post a day since September 2017. But I stopped after 21 days or so. They say that once you do something daily for 21 days, it will be come a habit. Is it true? Na! Old habits are hard to change. But yet here I am, blogging again after reflecting on that. Will I continue to blog daily? Maybe not. But I'll probably increase my blogging cause I realise, I really like blogging, and I really like reading my own blog. It is a place for me to keep all my memories and useful information. It is like my own personal reference page on the internet. And best of all, whatever I put here can be reuse and share with people. So yeah, even though I don't earn any money from it (yet), it is kind of a passion to continue doing it. And one day when I am dead, this may still remain....

So yeah, just to show you what I do alone when I am blogging, above is actually how I am blogging right now. Seated on the floor, home alone, with Marcus my macbook, my Little Cordy Notebook, and a pot of germaicha. All my favourite things :)

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