Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Biz Trip Mumbai - Sights Around Town

We all heard about how unsafe India is, especially for a girl, and how the food will give you diarrhoea. Interestingly, my parents didn't object to me travelling to India. My mum just commented that the curry must be good there, which I can now say with confident that yes, it is! Food blog coming up next. But today, it is about the sights of Mumbai. 

Above is the view of Nariman Point, taken from the 5th floor of Trident Hotel. It kinda reminds me of Gurney Drive in Penang. I know I was warned not to go out alone in India, but well, this was my morning walk place. I go there in the morning around 7am, and everyone is exercising there. I see old and fat people doing yoga like nobody's business! I was amazed. And although I was Chinese, nobody seems to mind. I managed to blend in just fine here. We also walk here at night, and it is always crowded with people just hanging out next to the sea. Seriously Gurney Drive vibe!
On my first day there, I had three colleagues accompanying me. One of was Singaporean, and the other two Indians. Felt totally safe going out with them. We walk to town, and above is the iconic Mumbai Hotel, kinda like E&O in Penang, or Raffles Hotel in Singapore. I recently saw a documentary of it in NatGeo and told myself that if I ever land in Mumbai again, I am so going in for a high tea!

There was also this very obvious sight of a fort. Apparently this is where you take the ferry to Elephant Island, a place I wanted to visit but didn't manage to cause my colleague who was supposed to accompany me couldn't wake up on that day. Plus, they have monkeys there, and I am not a fan of monkeys.

Mumbai was actually quite touristy, so you have sights like above around town and near Nariman Point. I don't do cliche things like these, so I just snapped this photo to show you guys.

And on my last day there, we managed to venture into the Churchgate train station. We didn't take any train. We were just curious, and just wonder around town. 

Remember how they say don't eat the street food in India? I call BS. First day there, colleagues took me to try chat of masala tea by the road side. It was delicious and you do really miss it after drinking it daily. They also let me try other street food, and I requested for the below cause these were my favourite. They are just small balls of crackers, and the seller fill it up with sauce and stuff inside, at times you can even see his whole fingers inside! Mainly I like the tamarind juice that the fill it with, it's sweet and sour and o so delicious even though the street version was a bit diluted as compared to the ones I had in restaurants in Singapore. But still, what an experience to finally get to eat Indian street food on the streets of India itself! And no, no issue with the stomach through out the trip. In fact, I put on 2kg in my one week trip! Cause mainly the food was really filling and oily, and people keep dragging me out for dinner at 930pm. Next blog is about the other food I had there. Stay tune!

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