Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Story of Snacks - Part 2

Continuing on the story of snacks, today's post is on snacks I made at home. I love my kitchen. And the above photo is a hint of what my kitchen looks like. It is filled with art work from places that I have visited that inspires me. So a bakery sheet from France, a Italian looking shops from Burano Italy, or some Chinese ink painting. They all make the minty green kitchen just more wonderful to be in. And the handmade sandwiches in front. When I say handmade sandwiches, I meant even the bread are home made. I really that some of my colleagues actually thought when I said home made, the bread was bought from store. No. We made our own bread with a bread machine. Cause I love bread!

So here are some of the things I can make at home which are simple and lovely to eat. Top left, apply waffles served with maple syrup. Great for breakfast or afternoon tea. Or top right, french toast with slice banana drizzled with condense milk. It taste as lovely as it sounds!

Actually a few items are always available as emergency snack in my home. Bread when I make them, eggs, and red beans. Standard emergency meal is always two fried eggs and a small can of red bean. That can be my breakfast, or a full meal. You will notice that although I love steaks, when I eat at home, my meals are usually quite meat free or have minimum about of meat. Healthy by nature!

There was one time, I kept cooking the above snack for dinner. I try to eat less during dinner as much as possible. The move is actually corns with eggs! And you can add condense milk for taste as well, but really, it is good on its own too. I try to keep mixed cube vege, corns, or edamame in the freezer for snacks as well.

Sometimes when I happen to be at Giant Supermarket on weekend, they have these cut down price croissant which I love to buy and make Tuna Mayo croissant, or Egg Mayo croissant and pretend I'm eating at DeliFrance. They taste just as good, and a whole lot cheaper too! Above is actually my breakfast, serve with orange juice, espresso coffee and milk, and dragon fruits.

I make the above photo larger cause I love the color of it. Fried egg on a slice of toasted bread, strawberries for sweet, and dark black espresso coffee. All of these makes the photo look so classic somehow. 

I tried keeping frozen gyoza in my fridge one time, but I really don't like frozen meat at all. Even those Japanese friend chicken nuggets that I sometime buy from the store, are kept to a minimal. But Top right, bread with cheese, tomatoes and green are always welcome! Top with meat of parma or salmon is always good! My favourite brownie for sweet, and as always, espresso.

Above is a traditional Singapore/Malaysia breakfast, coffee, bread and half boil eggs. I love this photo as well cause my husband made those black and white looking bread, and they look so great in the whole with the mat that is also black and white, and the egg white with black soya sauce! Don't you just love it when everything comes together so beautifully?

And last photo is Tuna Mayo on toasted bread serve with some potato chips. I love how chunky those tomatoes are. I love tomatoes! I can't live without them. I can't without eggs either! 

So that's enough about snacks. for now. I am actually going to go have a snack after posting this. I made lychee jelly, and I'm gonna serve it with watermelon. Both are cooling food (Chinese has these concept of heaty or cooling type of food). I am eating these snacks cause I got sunburn on my face, and my skin has been breaking out quite badly recently. So in order to regenerate out new skin, I have been drinking tonnes of ice green tea, cutting down on coffee and alcohol, and just eating more cooling stuff. If nothing works, I'm gonna be drowning myself in orange juice next cause Vitamin C is the fastest way to heal broken wounds, and will, grow new skin :) Just remember, food is medicine! Eat well, live well!

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