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Delhi - Masjid Jamal & Parliament Road (6-Aug-2016)

6-Aug-2016, rainy days as we drove into Delhi. I won't say most of my photos I posted here are spot on, or clear, or even in focus, but they are definitely from my perspective, and represent the mood that I want it to represent. I have brought along my slippers for this trip, and they were the perfect wear for wet weather, and places where you have to constantly take off our shoes.

Masjid Jamal was inside Delhi, and this is the view as we pull up near it. I think this is the very first mosque that I have ever entered in my life even though I grew up in an Islamic country. I had to cover up, and they lend you some cloth to cover your "aurat" or "unclean parts". You also have to take off your shoes before entering. My husband didn't follow us in. For the next few days, I entered a lot of mosque. That was when I realise how islamic this whole trip was, and that India although was known as a Hindu country, had a lot of islamic influence, especially on the places that I visited. It come to the point that I was thinking maybe an Islamic civilisation may not all be that bad after all, judging by the beautiful architecture and mathematical science they put into building these beautiful places.

Anyway, here is a photo of me outside the mosque. No photo taking as allowed inside, so I'll just leave some reference link before in case you're interested to see what's it like inside. It's basically just a big square made of red bricks, and there were lots of pigeons everywhere. The floor wasn't marble or anything, but red clay. It was my first encounter, so I accepted it at face value. This wasn't one of the places to visit on my checklist anyway, it was just an introduction into India.

We also visited a grand road where the parliament house and all the important government buildings were situated. Above is the view of us driving there. The road was so straight and wide it reminded me of how Roman's build their road. It was so huge, and the road so long

It was also crowded with tourist. This is the other end of it. The architecture was unique. People were selling snacks from car to car. People were bargaining about transport places on the road. Tour guide parked by the road letting tourist down to take some photos of the beautiful place. It wasn't the India I came to see, but I rather fascinated by the long road and the view from one end of it to the other end. It was very impressive. And you wonder, if they can do this so nicely, why don't they do it everywhere in the country?

Anyway, here are two courtesy shots of the parliament house area with their manicured gardens. You can't really go inside. So we didn't stay long or took much photos. We have places to go before the sun sets!

Masjid Jamal New Delhi
Parliament House

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