Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Magazine Scrapbooking

I'm on a crusade to eat healthier whole food currently, and I turn to my loyal scrap books for reference. In this post, I will share with you what I do with magazines and unwanted insurance booklet.

I love reading magazine. I used to subscribed to them. At first it was ladies magazine, but I found that most fashion magazine are full of ads and full page fashion photos which I am not interested in. Why would anyone pay SGD6 for pages of paper you have no interest in? So I decided to only buy magazines that has more word content, or at least some useful information for me. I downsize to Women's Weekly cause of the recipe they provided, and Shape magazine for health, and also recipe. In fact, I used to take part in SHAPE run every year just so that I could subscribe to their magazine for SGD2 per copy! (and also buy ridiculously cheap milk and cereal during their events etc). But after a while, you realise the article just repeat itself, so I've stopped since. Now I only buy them if I'm in a roadshow, and they give goodie bags when you purchase a magazine. 

So after spending so much money on magazine, do you just read and then throw them away? Of course not. So what I do is, I actually save up all the articles I am interested in, and make them into a compact scrap book. So above photo shows a few of the scrapbook that I have. It is a lot of work, but it's a great way to spend your afternoon what you have nothing else better to do. Most of the magazine goes into the trash as per expected. I will only keep contents like: recipe, health tips, travel tips, life hacks, cleaning tips, deco tips. My scrapbooks are categorised by the content as well. So it's pretty neat knowing that my money doesn't go to waste. All you need is scissors, glue, and books you don't want. I use insurance diary which my agent keep giving me and I don't use them. As they are all the same size every year, it's pretty neat to use them as scrapbook. I like small compact books anyway.

So here is my collection of scrapbooks. Pretty cool huh? Actually only the first 3 are filled up with content. The rest are still waiting to be used. I have one A4 size magazine clipping that is still pending to be process into these little books too. And whenever I am free, or need reference or a need to buy magazine, I just go back to these little treasure of information. I do own a few recipe book which I buy from the store (mainly Penang and Peranakan recipe book), but somehow these scrapbooks are more personal to me. Cause I only keep recipe which I think I will make. 

By the way, just to share, that is my gold Hello Kitty coin bank! It only contains SGD1 gold coins!  So whenever I come across an SGD1 gold coin, I keep it and put it inside my coin bank. And whenever I want to buy something but can't really justify for it, I sometimes take out money from here to purchase it. For example I recently bought a waffle making machine which I can't really see any reason why I needed it. It cost SGD59, and I actually have a similar sandwich maker like it. So Hello Kitty to the rescue! No regrets!

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